Sep. 21st, 2011

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The day before to my trip to Vietnam and Cambodia I downloaded several different fandoms fics to my kindle. I had the intention to just download the longest fics from the two fandoms I was reading at the moment (X-Men: First Class and Inception), but just decided to download some Criminal Minds as well. And then something caught my attentions: Star Trek
AO3 has a large supply of Star Trek fics of all the series and universes.
So why not I asked myself. Just the largest or with more hits in case I read all the other fics.

There was one that it picked my curiosity (So Wise We Grow by Deastar) and for some reason, once I was at the airport waiting to my flight to Warsaw (where I was to meet with [ profile] aviss and Mb), I decided to start reading it instead of all the other fics.

At this point I have to say that I was in no way a foreign to ST fandom and universe. I'd watched TOS and TNG as a kid in the Catalan TV, I later watched some episodes of Voyager on the local TV. And after the reboot movie (which I loved it) I got into the fandom for a little while, reading some K/S fics and some gen fics. But I let it go quite easily, as I belive I was, at the time immersed, in other fandoms.

The thing is, I finished So Wise We Grow in my second day in Vietnam and instead of going for another fandom I decided to go on reading all I had downloaded of Star Trek. And when I run out of ST fics, I went to AO3 and downloaded a few more, and at the return flights I decided to close the circle reading the fic that made me began my travel no just around the Great Mekong.

A here we are now... feeling like maybe I've found a new home, a fandom large and resilient enough as once upon a time it was for me the Harry Potter fandom. I bought The Original Series' DVD, I'm getting my hand in The Next Generation, and I'm reading. I'm reading like I have not read in a very long time. And oh my! There are fics and FICS, and I'll talk about this capital thing another day but let's just say that I might have already found my cup of tea in this fandom.

Dif-tor heh smusma

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