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Smallville 9th Season is being awesome so far. Maybe because this time yes, they have done it right, light SPOILER, spanish post & green leather jacket of love )
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Back from Japan, why holidays pass so fucking fast? We had the time of our lives and I hope to post some pics in the not so far future, meanwhile you can [livejournal.com profile] aviss LJ as she went on posting while we were there (I was too lazy, not any surprise here).
But now I'm back to all the stuff I left on stand by, like work, studies, meetings and fandom. So now there are lots to things to prepare if the worst happens (like folk just being they usual unpunctual as always) and  I'm also in a strongly need to get on a Morgan/Reid mood but my minds is just stuck with the Hotch/Reid phase of my new addiction. So here I am, wasting precious time I should be using in... reading some papers from that course I'm supposed to be doing about GIS and EIA maybe? Instead I'm reading whatever has been posted in [livejournal.com profile] morganreid_cm since it was created.
All that, plus the feeling I'm getting sick = welcome to reality darling, not as bad as Hotel California but near enough.

PS: Ciminal Minds premier, just awesome! My gods how  the scrpt-writters are going to make us suffer! The Smallville premier was kind of "squeee-gorgeous-Chloe!!! squeee-shirtless-Oliver!!! and WTFH?????"

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Let's just say that for a very long time I've been an absolutely slash girl. I didn't mind het, yuri (femmeslash) or gen, but it wasn't my cup of tea. Or maybe it was more a question about not haven't found a het ship with a great attractiveness (for me at least), or a female character that picked up my interest enough. I don't know... I started reading Card Captar Sakura fanfic with the Sakura/Syaoran ship but I jumped quickly to the Touya/Yue. And then with Harry Potter it's been all about Harry/Draco and sometime Draco/with-another-male-character.

But a few months ago I started reading batman fics, first nolanverse  and later about DC, where I discovered the Superman/Batman slash, or they alter-egos Clark/Bruce, and with the Clark Kent character I re-entered again to the Smallville fandom (and I said re-entered because two or three year ago I passed for a short phase of Clark/Lex aka Clex) and fell in love with Chloe. Chloe is to Smallville what Draco is for me in Harry Potter. My fetish-character, I can read just Chloe centric fics or  about her with any male character of the series or even other fandoms (and I mean DC, especially Bruce Wayne, I'm not into the Smallville/Supernatural crossover because I haven't seen the show).
And I am really happy with my new obsession and  favourite character. I've even found even a new favourite ship: Chloe/Oliver. And I'm writing! Writing! I'm writing outside the HP-fandom which is something I haven't done since my Slam Dunk phase three or four years ago.

Soooo, I'm quite accomplished with myself, and really happy about all the new fics I'm reading, I just needed to say it, and if not here, where?


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