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OMG! It's back! The [livejournal.com profile] cm_exchange  is back! I might need to watch the fifth season if I want to enrol on it again.
And just for your information: sign ups will begin Sunday ,  August 15, and run till Sunday, August 29.

I know there are some talking and preparations for a Big Bang in the Inception Fandom, but wouldn't it be awesome to have a Secret Santa exchange too?
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The writing process is going a bit more slowly than I though, which means I'm going to need to hurry up in the end (like always, I don't even know why this surprise me anymore). But, it's just that there's so much to do...
I've already sent my Christmas as I promised --this morning actually--, a whole pack of 21 postcards... My hand was sore... especially after I decided to use my sealing wax.
I've backed 64 little cheese pastries (I'll post some pictures after all the family gatherings where there would be a lot more plates to take pictures of).
And I'm still trying to write.
I've also done my schedules posts in [livejournal.com profile] aisinfronteras .
I need to write but I prefer to wait for some update. I need a nice update of one of the many WIP I'm reading!!! Come on!

Oh! And my gift in [livejournal.com profile] cm_exchange  has already been posted, it's the sweetest thing^^ You can read it here (a Hotch/Reid all for myself! I am oh so happy!!!)

And I'm still trying to write... The bad thing about knowing what you are going to write is that you don't feel the rush to do it because, hei! You already know what is going to happen, so why bother? Grrr... Stupid lazy muse...
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No, en serio. Os paso unos números para que veáis que no bromeo.
Día 2 de diciembre[livejournal.com profile] aisinfronteras (es decir, un día pasado el "dead line" o fecha de entrega)

Entregas realizadas: 25
Prórrogas concedidas: 19
Gente que no ha dado noticias: 13
Participantes desertados: 2

Personalmente me dan pavor las 13 personas de los que no sabemos nada... Ni han pedido prórroga, ni han entregado, ni han dicho que se retiran, ni naaá de naaá. Missing total...
Qué gloria vivir tan desconectados del email, a mi sólo me falta que me implanten un chip en el córtex cerebral...
En fin, que [livejournal.com profile] gaia_naturae y yo ya estamos acostumbrada a esto y nos lo tomamos con algo más de filosofía (excepto cuando me pongo a GRITAR por email o al propio ordenador -como si el tuviera la culpa de algo, pobret-), pasa lo mismo cada año, pero [livejournal.com profile] aviss que en esto de administrar un intercambio navideño es primeriza está que trina (yo advierto, no es buena idea hacer enfadar a esa mujer, de verdad^^)

No todo son malas noticias, afortunadamente para mi salud mental ya ha empezado el [livejournal.com profile] cm_exchange con un precioso fic Hotch/Reid (best OTP ever! aunque no me haya tocado escribir sobre ellos, sí que cruzo dedos para que mi regalo sea de ese ship)
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Yesterday night I finished my [livejournal.com profile] cm_exchange fic and woooow, I feel so accomplished with myself.
A whole 13,100 words! which it means it's the longer thing I've written in the last... two years I think.
First half of it it's been already first and second beta-ed, second half is still in second beta process, while I'm trying to decide the title and a decent enough summary.
You need to know I have the most wonderful betas ever: [livejournal.com profile] aviss and [livejournal.com profile] nebula99 have done an amazing job; between the both of them, they've embellished my story leaving it quite groomed.

CM meme

Nov. 8th, 2009 06:40 pm
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I saw this in [livejournal.com profile] enmuse lj and I thought it would be a fun meme to do while writing the [livejournal.com profile] cm_exchange fic of doom.
I know I shouldn't be wasting my time like that, but I'm a bit stuck right now so sue me, yada yada^^

Favorite character: Reid because he is oh!so-funny and Hotch, I adore how intense he can get.
Least favorite character: Gideon
Character with the best hair: Mmmmm... I have different candidates^^ Most beautiful hair is for JJ, most funny is for Garcia, most loved hair is obviously Reid's and the one I would love to have was Elle's haircut when she came back after being shot, it was cute as hell.
Character with the best eyes: Reid's because they are amazingly expressive
Character I'd most want to kiss: M: Reid // F: Emily Prentiss (how can this woman be so perfect even being not perfect at all? Really, it's astonishing)
Character I'd most likely shag: Mmmm... for and absolutely mind-blowing shag, Morgan of course. For something more, Reid^^ And once he is on his right mind again, Hotch, because if his dedication in bed is as good as he is at work, damn! He has to be amazing.
Character I'd make lunch for: Reid, he's so thin, he needs to eat more, maybe with some cookies while he drinks coffee he would get healthier. And Hotch, because I'm of the impression since he divorced Haley he is eating only pre-cooked meals and take away.
Character I'd go singing in the rain with: Reid, he would get all wet and I like him that way LOL
Character I'd go shopping with: Garcia, look at her wardrobe!
Character I'd go dancing with: Elle, she seemed fun enough to go on holidays with Morgan.
Character I'd take over the world with: Hotch, we would be the perfect match ^^
Character I most want to see more of: Hotch and Reid. And I would love to know what the hell is Elle doing with her life.
Favorite het pairing: I like Rossi/Prentiss but I have to concede that this season so far the Hotch/Pretiss are having amazing moments, so I suppose I like it too. I've even reed some fics about them.
Favorite slash pairing:  100% Hotch/Reid girl here. Even if right now I'm writing Morgan/Reid...

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I'm what you could call a tea-girl. I love tea, black strong tea lightly flavoured. Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Ceilan, Darjeeling, English/Irish/Scottish breakfast...   No any of those flowered fruity infusions that some people call wrongly tea,  give me real true tea and I'm a happy girl.
No sugar, no milk, no honey and omg-how-could-you-do-that-to-any-good-tea no saccharine!! Sometimes, a bit of lemon is alright, specially after lunch, but just one slice please.
All that said, since I'd began working at 8 am I stated a new tradition: large hot mug of coffee with just one sugar, please.
I'm not a good coffee drinker, all my purism and traditionalism in tea is nonexistence in coffee. I prefer filtered coffee than espresso, the larger the better. I'm what here in Spain we call "americano"-coffe girl. And I'm grown quite used to drink  my daily mug of coffee (with just one sugar, please) every morning while I switch on the computer, check the email and have small chit chat with my coworkers... It's a really nice routine^^

So when you arrive one morning, being first one to arrive which means that  you make the coffee pot and there's no coffee at all, you really don't know if is better to start crying, kill someone or cut your wrist. Plus you need to answer to each and every one of your coworkers that "no, the pot is not ready because there's no coffee, because the last person doing the pot the day before forgot to tell about the no-coffee-problem" because they all look at you with murderous eyes and it's not your f*cking fault.

Coffee and work issues is really a whole world, sometime I'll write something about that, actually my mind is replaying that same situation on the CM world with the awesome CM characters and LOL, big LOL really^^

And that's been the random fact of the day, no coffee make my coworkers dull coworkers, but at least I had some good Twining's English Breakfast tea.
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Back from Japan, why holidays pass so fucking fast? We had the time of our lives and I hope to post some pics in the not so far future, meanwhile you can [livejournal.com profile] aviss LJ as she went on posting while we were there (I was too lazy, not any surprise here).
But now I'm back to all the stuff I left on stand by, like work, studies, meetings and fandom. So now there are lots to things to prepare if the worst happens (like folk just being they usual unpunctual as always) and  I'm also in a strongly need to get on a Morgan/Reid mood but my minds is just stuck with the Hotch/Reid phase of my new addiction. So here I am, wasting precious time I should be using in... reading some papers from that course I'm supposed to be doing about GIS and EIA maybe? Instead I'm reading whatever has been posted in [livejournal.com profile] morganreid_cm since it was created.
All that, plus the feeling I'm getting sick = welcome to reality darling, not as bad as Hotel California but near enough.

PS: Ciminal Minds premier, just awesome! My gods how  the scrpt-writters are going to make us suffer! The Smallville premier was kind of "squeee-gorgeous-Chloe!!! squeee-shirtless-Oliver!!! and WTFH?????"

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OMG!! I can't believe myself, I've just signed up to the CM Christmas Exchange at [livejournal.com profile] cm_exchange !!
I'm so exited^^ I feel like a kid with new shoes (naahhhh, I feel like myself buying a new pair of Vialis LOL). I kind of terrified too, but I hope that between the beta work from [livejournal.com profile] aviss  and some extra beta the co-mod could provide me the fic would be good enough to reach a decent level.
Now I just need to wait till the 22nd (by the way, I'll be in Japan hohohohohoooo) and start writing!

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Pensaba que no pasaría, pero Criminal Minds ha conseguido ya las tres nominaciones mínimas para ser fandom admitido en el AI!!!!!
Happy victory dance!!!!

Vale, ya, sorry... Jajajaaa 


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