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Like becoming bi-shipper on a fandom you though you were one-ship-kind-of-girl.
In [livejournal.com profile] aviss favor, I had to say that the fic of awesomeness is like the best thing ever. Ok, it may be one of the two best things ever!
Observations (by [livejournal.com profile] anon_j_anon) Is the K/S perfect fic, and Switch (by [livejournal.com profile] ceres_libera)is its perfect counterpart on the K/M side.

If I could I'd gladly do a ménage à trois with both fics. Just saying.

And here I am now, doing background research and planing time lines, plots and bunnies for that crazy friend of mine. But to who am I lying? I'm enjoying every bloody minute of it, goddammit!
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I've just spent the last hour laughing like a catcall with this absolutely awesome and hilarious X-Men First Class AU fic:

I ♥ NY (It’s My Friends I’m Not Sure Of) by oddegg on AO3.
A fan-fucking-tastic ~18K WIP fic that has made my flatmate ask me if  I was alright, because you know... laugh alone on your own can be a symptom of dementia.

Was written originally for the kink meme (yeah, all the good stuff comes from there) and it's pretty much what the promt says, just well-written and gloriously funny.

Summary: Erik is a single, successful man who likes quick sex with no strings attached. Then, he meets college professor Charles and it's love at first sight, at least for him. Charles, who heard of Erik's notorious ways, wants nothing to do with him besides being friends. Cue Erik bending over backwards to steal Charles' heart.

Reasons to invest your time on  oh-bloody-hell-another-WIP-no:

-Have you read the tittle? How can you not love a fic with that kind of title? 
-Best  first sentence ever!
"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man, in possession of the honour of gracing both the Forbes 400 and the Post’s most eligible bachelor list in the same year, must be–”

“…About to kill his dear friend if she insists on spouting any more of that overworked cliché in his hearing?”

I mean, we are talking about Jane Austen here, this is serious busosiness people! You've got to love someone who knows hos to use the classics and be funny,

- Yeah, Erik and Charles are adorable, but OMG the friends and family. Special mentions to Az (aka Azazel) who is the manny -because if you are a man and work as a nanny you are obviously a manny- and Erik children.

And really I could go on and on and on, but I've just decided I want to re-read it again, so let me have my fun and I seriously hope you give this fic a chance. Yeah, I know the beware-of-WIPs but come on! Do you want to have a good laugh? Go to the fic you crazy women! 
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6 more recs on my memories and one more on this post. And today haven't been a high productivity day -productivity meaning the more fics read the better- because shitty days are my usual day nowadays... So practically no time to read until just right now.

So goodbye and let's read!

(I love fandom explosions)
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 I love the kink memes, I really do. But they are a real pain in the ass to keep track of good fics, because seriously LJ:  why can I add a comment to my memories?

So, as that seems to be impossible, I'm going to need another way soooo... I've decided that while simple fics posted in LJ can still go to my memories, the kink stuff, and the fics posted  at AO3 or Fanfiction.net are going to be reced  from this post. A post that will go directly to my memories so it can be easily checked.

So here we go, X-Men First Class Fanficion Recommendation by me:

Try, try again by anon PG13 Completed (kink meme)
Prompt: Erik is forced to repeat that day until he stops being an asshole.

Wisteria by anon NC17 Completed (kink meme)
Erik hates being unable to hide just how much he wants Charles.

Trust by nyssa123 T Completed (FF)
AU- After Cuba, Erik decides not to leave. It's all different, now- as Charles adjusts to life in a wheelchair, Erik has to atone for what he's done. In real life, nothing is ever easy.

Any Measure of Peace by manic_intent R Completed (AO3) long fic 19387k
Written for the prompt: "AU in which there was no beach divorce. Charles has been throwing himself at Erik, but Erik refuses to give in to his desires. Something about not wanting to sully Charles' happy life with his darkness. He's done some things, you see. Some very bad things. Charles, however, is nothing if not persistent. So he seduces Erik with everything he's got. Erik suffers an epic case of blue balls."

Limited Release by anon PG-13 (so far) WIP (kink meme)
Alternate Universe |Based on: White Collar. And before you go running away let me tell you something: so far it has 29 parts plus 3 bonus and it's the most funny, hilarious and amazingly detailed fic that I've read in this fandom. So trust me, go to read it even if it's still unfinished. Just today I've already read it twice!
Summary: Alex is a criminal consultant for the FBI, Hank is Alex's loyal friend who tries to get him out of jail, Erik is the agent that caught Alex in the first place, Shaw is the bad guy, and Charles is Shaw's number one target. The kids are part of Erik's team!

Time to Grow by zarah5 R Completed (AO3) long fic 20964k
In which you'll find chess dates which aren't dates (or maybe Charles is wrong about that). – This follows First Class, but turns AU during the beach scene. 
This is beautifully well written, and it makes perfect sense. You can feel the UST and the pain and loss, and you can see the changes and they feel natural. Hell, even Charles lectures makes sense!


Dec. 29th, 2009 12:58 am
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Oh my God!!! I'm just a little bit tipsy. Yeah, tipsy, not drunk, not at all, you can't get drunk with just two beers, even with a light stomach like mine and even if I haven't eaten enough food. But I'm tipsy enough to be writing this, so figures...
And I'm trying to write (not this, this I'm actually doing it...)  but I've just discovered that the first part of my favourite Twilight fic so far (Jakeward of course!) has finished. Basic Imprinting (by [livejournal.com profile] starrycreations )is one of the fics that made me stay in the Twilight fandom, and I'm oh-so-happy with a goofy and sappy smile plastered in my face... There's no way I'm going to be able to finish "that damn scene tonight". No way at all, trust me, I know my limits.
And that means ladies and gentlemen that tomorrow is going to be a hell of a day: waking up at seven to go to work; spending 6 hours at the office; writing as if my life depended on it and packing all my stuff and clothes for the New Year Eve Staying-All-Together trip.

Kill me now, please!

PD: This afternoon I met [livejournal.com profile] sra_danvers  to have lunch, we had a great time and we are going to repeat it, after all I owe her a lunch
PD2: yeah... killer beers with [livejournal.com profile] saito_20  and [livejournal.com profile] barda_morgana  at Chistu (aka the nameless bar in Tallers Street)

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The writing process is going a bit more slowly than I though, which means I'm going to need to hurry up in the end (like always, I don't even know why this surprise me anymore). But, it's just that there's so much to do...
I've already sent my Christmas as I promised --this morning actually--, a whole pack of 21 postcards... My hand was sore... especially after I decided to use my sealing wax.
I've backed 64 little cheese pastries (I'll post some pictures after all the family gatherings where there would be a lot more plates to take pictures of).
And I'm still trying to write.
I've also done my schedules posts in [livejournal.com profile] aisinfronteras .
I need to write but I prefer to wait for some update. I need a nice update of one of the many WIP I'm reading!!! Come on!

Oh! And my gift in [livejournal.com profile] cm_exchange  has already been posted, it's the sweetest thing^^ You can read it here (a Hotch/Reid all for myself! I am oh so happy!!!)

And I'm still trying to write... The bad thing about knowing what you are going to write is that you don't feel the rush to do it because, hei! You already know what is going to happen, so why bother? Grrr... Stupid lazy muse...
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I don't know if you are keeping updates on this new fantabulous  fic/art posting comm for all the Harry/Draco lovers.
Any H/D shipper should do it, really, it's some kind of "must do", such as [community profile] hd_holidays on Christmas.
The funny thing about this new comm [community profile] hd_worldcup (and its sister with the same name in IJ) is that for each promt or topic (for tis occasion they are trying with the tarot cards), you have four arts or fics, with a different canon/fanon perspective: you have canon team, epilogue team, EWE team amd fanon team. If you are curious about what each team implies, check their FAQ.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that if you think that there too many fics to read, or maybe you are not sure if you are going to like it all, o not, well... I'm saving in my "memories" the my favourites, the ones I enjoyed most. Just click here and if you trust my judgment and taste, and have fun^^
So far I've saved ten fics, but with every update it's done (now every tow days), I update my list too.

Oh! And if you are looking for a good laugh try first with "How do you mend a broken heart?",  "Love in London Tube Stop (Under Construction)" or "Beneath Boundless Skies", trust me on these. I read the first one on a "remote sensing and oceanography" class and I had to  make incredible efforts to disguise my laugh as some kind of bored snort (quite difficult, indeed).

oh! And as reminder for all the folk who participates in the fest "If wishes were fics..." in [profile] la_torre, I just wanted to let you know that we've opened the period to claim the wishes. So... Venga todos a pediros un deseo, algunos ya han sido adjudicados!!! Y si no pasastéis por la 1ª fase, no problem! Aún hay tiempo para apuntarse, sólo os tendréis que esperar a que los primeros participantes hayan sido asignados.
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I'm revising the incredible rec list of Harry/Draco fics from [profile] aldebaran1977, and I've run into this wonderful piece: The Face of His Enemy  by  [personal profile] mahaliem (the link goes to the last chapter, where there are links to all the other chapter on the information section just above the fic)

It's not the typical fic even though it starts like one of the most topics ever: the golden trio curse Malfoy with an unknown curse or a mix of a lot of  curses with strange effects, etc.
I love this fic because of his Draco, he is so wicked, lol:)) and has a very particular perspective about things, there  are times when the fic seems really  "the world seen by Draco"
But really, it's funny, you just have to read this:

Draco's eyes became large. They darted to Harry's scar then to his hair. "It's a curse," he whispered. "It must be. Voldemort not only marked your face, he cursed you with eternally messy hair."
"I don't think…" Harry began, but Draco cut him off.
"Father always told me Voldemort wasn't really evil. He's just misunderstood, he'd say. Well, obviously Father has lied to me."
"Wait a minute." Harry pushed closer to Draco until they were standing face to face. "Let me get this straight. Voldemort does horrible things. He tortures people, kills them, but what convinces you that he's evil is my hair?"
Draco nodded. "There are always plenty of reasons and excuses for killing people. There is no excuse for poor grooming habits."

Or the part about the recruitment of minion, it's just hilarious!!!
And it has a very interesting Lucius, really, for the Lucius lovers that's a great fic too (just... don't be too sad dears).

So, give it a chance, it's a medium fic about 118 pages, not difficult at all, just a light read.

Have a good read!

EDIT: Here it's the comment on my list of recs.
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Si hay una cosa que se puede decir sobre mí, es la incontrolable cantidad de fics que llego a leer. Soy como read-fic-machine, todo lo que cae cerca de mi radio de alcance lo deboro^^
Obviamente me limito sólo a algunos fandoms en concreto y sólo a ciertas parejas, la mayoría de las cuales suelen ser slash.
Y me ha parecido que podría seleccionar de entre todo lo que leo un fic a la semana. Puede ser nuevo o viejo, de cualquier genero, rating o envergadura. Puede ser un fic bueno y de calidad, o simplemente un pedazo de crack, o fluff que me haya llamado la atención.

La lista la actualizaré cada semana, tanto en la columna lateral como en esta misma página que quedará también linkeada desde la sidebar.

Así pues, sin más dilación pasamo al...
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Some months ago I discovered in [community profile] bottom_draco an amazing fic with the one of most interesting descriptions about dark magic,  Oath Breaker by [profile] kcwriter
On the last chapter there was and incredible image of a Draco!naga, I think that it's really the firts fic I've read with this kind of magical/mythological creature and I found it very inspirational so I decided to do a fanart about the last scene of the chapter 14. I dont have time enough now to paint the real fanart, which I have the intention  to paint with gouache, but meanwhile I'm studying or at job I can do some simple sketches like these.

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Hace poco descubrí por casualidad mientras leía un fic a una creadora incesante de iconos. Hace verdades maravillas y permite el libre uso de ellos, ni siquiera  requiere que le pidamos permiso, pero como sentía mal sin darle algún tipo de crédito (además de ponerla en el comentario de cada icono) pos he pensado de hacer un pequeña reseña.

Así que muchos de los iconos que usaré en adelante son cortesía de [profile] kcwriter quien es además autora del fic Oath Breaker, un wip H/D con una de las mejores concepciones que he leído sobre la magia negra. Una lectura interesante, y unos iconos geniale como el que uso en esta ocasión^^

Como nota final decir que estoy  toda dolorida, hacía como un año y medio que no subía en vici hasta la zona de gràcia / eixample, y la verdad moverse por Poblenou que es plano está bien, pero la subida de la calle maria o paralelas es matadora. Si antes ya me costaba ahora q estoy más perra... 
Necesito poner en forma...

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Andaba yo mirandome mi libro de urbanismo de barcelona cuando he visto el aviso de que [livejournal.com profile] lightningwave  había actualizado su fic, y nada.

Rauda como el rayo me he ido a leer el nuevo capitulo de Freedom And Not Peace, la cuarta história the su saga Sacrifice Arc. En fin, a lo que iba, que después de leerlo y querer meterle un par de galletos a Harry por gilipollas me he releído la parte de los 7 tipos de amor que existen segun los pureblood wizards sean light or dark y es realmente bonita. De verdad, me ha parecido preciosa aunque despúes una quiera estrangular a Harry por sus insert comments, pero bueno. Y a demás tienen unos nombres taaaaaan bonitos^^

shadow love, darkness love, starlight love, lightning love, firelight love, moonlight love and sunlight love.

Para las descripciones, os pongo el link, no me parece bien copiar un trozo del fic sólo para esto, queda feo fuera de contexto. Bajad hacia el final del capitulo, cuando Harry está en monologo interno en la biblioteca, hay mucha parte en cursiva así que no tiene perdida. 


Algun día ya haré un rec como diox manda de este fic que es de los más épicos que he leído.

Por el momento esto es todo, me vuelvo a mis ciudades-jardines y a mis casa-bloques, a la GATPAC y a Le Corbusier, a Mancheste y la Icària de Etienne Cabet.




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