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Arggg... I'm so regretting starting this meme thingy-thing. But I'm going to do it, oh hell yes!
So here we go, the past five days:

Day 08 A photo that makes you angry/sad )

Day 09 A photo you took )

Day 10 A photo of you taken over ten years ago )

Day 11 A photo of you taken recently )

Day 12 - A photo that makes me laugh )

30 Days Meme - 12 done, 18 to go! )
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Si tenéis pensado volar a latitudes mayores, digamos por allá el norte de Europa, un consejo: pillaros los vuelos bien  de mañana o sed previsores/as y pedid un día más de vacaciones.
Volar se está convirtiendo en toda una aventura.

Volcanes que joden planes y fotos de la verde Irlanda )
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Dear Mr. Eyjafjallajökull
I've got a flight ticket booking to Belfast on Friday morning (return  on Monday), could you be nice enough to stop sneezing for a while.
I'm going to visit a dear friend of mine, [livejournal.com profile] gaia_naturae , who is working in North Ireland for a few months, for her birthday and I really, really want to be there to spent the weekend with her and with [livejournal.com profile] darkmoona  too.
So be quiet and proper, would you?

Second fissure, viewed from the north, on 2 April 2010      MODIS pic, from NASA   (both pictures snagged from Wiki)
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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] aviss !!!
Enjoy the day, and we will party in two weeks^^

Remember, remember... This year September...
Girlpower, laughs and fun.
I can see how girlpower, laughs
have just varely begun.
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One of the oh-so-many Spanish guest of the hotel I'm staying in has asked me this evening if still nobody has tried to buy me in exchange for some camels. The question is one of the most common jokes about women and North-African countries. But just that you know, the answer is no; no one has try to buy me (although usually they ask to some male companion which in my case it's not possible at all ^^). Although every young Moroccan who has come to talk with me knew all the Barça players, and all of them were in love with Barcelona LOL They even said the classic "FORÇA BARÇA!" Figures...

And for the Criminal Minds fan^^ [livejournal.com profile] ansera has initiated a KINK MEME POST, so go there to post a request and answers some of the request in exchange!!! I have some ideas but I know I shouldn't do it^^ Need to finish the [livejournal.com profile] cm_exchange fic first!!! (btw, I see some progress, four more scenes and I'm done!!!)
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I've got some holidays days that I haven't spent yet, and as my boss said "better to spend them all now than just half of them in December". So here we go, holidays again. Problem is I can't conceive holidays at home, I need to go somewhere, so I checked flight prices and after several options and a lot of thought I decided to have a go to Morocco. Just Casablanca and Marrakesh, I might be a bit brave about travelling alone but I'm not so irresponsible to go through some forgotten part of the desert on my own.

I'm quite happy^^ I had a great weekend in Valencia with [livejournal.com profile] aviss , [profile] gaia_naturae , [profile] pak_el , some other friends without an LJ account and [livejournal.com profile] darkmoona (the birthday girl of the weekend) and now I'm leaving in 20 minutes to the airport. It's going to be a relaxing holiday, lot of sleep, lots of relaxing time, and some writing to do. Let's see if I like it there as much as I think I will
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Back from Japan, why holidays pass so fucking fast? We had the time of our lives and I hope to post some pics in the not so far future, meanwhile you can [livejournal.com profile] aviss LJ as she went on posting while we were there (I was too lazy, not any surprise here).
But now I'm back to all the stuff I left on stand by, like work, studies, meetings and fandom. So now there are lots to things to prepare if the worst happens (like folk just being they usual unpunctual as always) and  I'm also in a strongly need to get on a Morgan/Reid mood but my minds is just stuck with the Hotch/Reid phase of my new addiction. So here I am, wasting precious time I should be using in... reading some papers from that course I'm supposed to be doing about GIS and EIA maybe? Instead I'm reading whatever has been posted in [livejournal.com profile] morganreid_cm since it was created.
All that, plus the feeling I'm getting sick = welcome to reality darling, not as bad as Hotel California but near enough.

PS: Ciminal Minds premier, just awesome! My gods how  the scrpt-writters are going to make us suffer! The Smallville premier was kind of "squeee-gorgeous-Chloe!!! squeee-shirtless-Oliver!!! and WTFH?????"

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Me niego a actualizar el netbook por estos lares, así que vamos a postear esto por aquí.
Tercer día y a parte de frío, todo estupendo. Hemos hecho ya Ghibli, Monte Fuji y paseado por varios barrios de Tokyo, mañana nos largamos hacia Kyoto, y a la vuelta ya veremos el resto de cosas de Tokyo.
Sigo sin conseguir que los WC me saquen el aire caliente y estoy pasando un frío... como que nos hemos tenido todas que comprar unas sudaderas de esas de souvenirs para sobrevivir en el Fujisan (monísimas que ibamos todas, oyes!) Y encima por aquí todo el mundo con las mascarillas puestas! En el avión, en el metro, por la calle, ¡por todas partes!

Pues eso, un par de fotos porque aquí todas posteando en sus blogs, lj y facesbooks y me da envidilla ;P

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Hello there!
A bit of self pimping pretty please^^ The thing is, I'm at least on holidays, and that means it's time to go to Japan, yoohoooo!!!
Some of  my fellow-companions of adventures are using a blogger to post some news from  Japan, [livejournal.com profile] aviss is going to use her LJ  and I've just decides tu use my other account: [profile] byebye_duare
Soooo, if you want to go on reading about what we are doing, what we are visiting or just to watch some pics before we come back, you can go directly to my other journal as I'm using it as a travel online-notebook.
I'll be wrting as much as time and connectivity allows me and it'll be in Spanish. Once I'll be back I'll write a long and nice post here with a selection of the best pictures.

So you know, you can still check on me at [profile] byebye_duare !!!


Y para las fandomeras del AI, no worries ^^ que sólo nos largamos [livejournal.com profile] aviss y yo, [profile] gaia_naturae volvió ayer de vacaciones y se encargará ella de todo todito en nuestra ausencia. ¡Sed buenas y esperad en breve vuestras asignaciones!

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Ya va siendo hora de hacer un review de mi visita fugaz a la ciudad que nunca duerme. Y francamente, me apetece hacerlo en una de mis nobles lenguas (lo haría en catalán pero me entenderían sólo 3 personas de mi flist) a las que en ocasiones siento que he abandonado.

Hace un par de meses, en Marzo para ser exactos, me fui de escapadita a New York con unas amigas. Aquí la menda se había leído una historia ambientada allí y de pronto me entró la acuciante necesidad de ir a Nueva York. "¡Tengo 25 años y aún no he estado en NY! " les grité por email a mis amigas allá por Noviembre del año pasado. Y aunque no pudo ser en los 25, justo 3 semanas después de hacer los 26 nos plantamos en NY para por fin ver con nuestros ojos todo aquello de lo que tanto habíamos leído y que tantas veces habíamos visto en películas o series de TV.
Fotos neoyorkinas del poder! )
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This next week is the first time I'm going to be on a job trip. They are sending me (and another of my coworkers) to Reus to spent the full week forming and teaching the people of the two Property Registry on our GIS programme, so they could update all their database in a GIS format (which let me tell you, is a big improvement because the Registries still works with the old paper books and maybe some Excels, that's all, really archaic indeed).
I'm a bit nervous... what if I don't teach them alright, what if they don't understand nothing or they just don't care about what I am explaining.
Aaaaarrrggg... But then, I breath, clam down and I realize that the Geobase programme is so basic and simple that's there's no way I can fuck out this, lol :)

Anyway, the good think is that we are going to spent the full week on a four star hotel called Quality Reus, and even if it's a bit far away from the Registry ( 20 minutes by bus), the rooms look  nice, with Tv, Internet connection, etc. And they pay us enough money everyday to have lunch and dinner and even save some part. So no complaints here!

The other crazy thing about this weeks is that once we finish our job on Friday's afternoon we are going to take a fly from Reus to London, where we will meet with the other six girls of my job. Yaaaaiiiii, London weekend with the girls from work. It's madness I know but we are going to have so much fun!! We are going to London, darlings!
It's been too long since I went to London last time, actually since I left a year and a half ago I haven't come back there, and I kind of miss it (a lot). So I am very excited, and happy, and nervous and a bit sad because I'm just going to stay for two days and I don't think it's enough time to meet with any of the wonderful and amazing people that I met over there.
Next time I suppose, next time I'll try to spent a few more days... Next time, who knows, next time I could stay for good.


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Really, not joking at all, lol)))
I was looking for nice NY's pics for all my future post about the preparative of my trip there when I came across of these two amazing communities: [livejournal.com profile] world_travel  and [livejournal.com profile] student_travel  Both of them just to share the experience of traveling around. I love it!  Really, you can share pictures, experiences, ask questions or for some recs. It's a bit like the Altaïr forum here in Spain or the Lonely Planet forum, but just here in LJ.
I've already joined them (obviously, lol) and I've even answered a post from a girls asking fore some clubs to go out in London.
I feel so full pf energy at the moment... I suppose it's because next year is really going to be great in the travellin aspect, so I absolutely excited, yyyaaaaaaaaaaaaiii!!!

Ok, that was all... Just wanted to share these comm^^

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In an additional note I have to say that I'M GOING TO NEW YORK!!!!
Yes, OMG yeeeeeessss!! It's was just a crazy idea that I told some friends about, because you know,  planing to go to Japan next September means I have to save a good amount of money. But my friends said yes and I said yes again because I'm so fucking weak sometimes that it's even funny.
So that's it, we've  alredy got the tickets. And even if it's just for a few days it's going to be awesome, I'm prety sure^^

Sooooooooo... Neeew Yooork, Neeeewwww Yoooooork !!! (insert Frank Sinatra voice^^)
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This past months, on different times I've listened some songs, not always the same one, but all with a very characteristic melody and an incredible beautiful voice singing them.  And all the time was same. Me with concentration's face asking everybody around me if they knew that song, if thew knew the band's name. And no, nobody remembered them or nobody knew them. It was so frustrating... Because I knew that some time ago, when I was i Scotland one of the coach divers of MacBackpackers used to play a CD of this group, and I remember that because I loved it, and I asked him about the group and when I came back to Spain I downloaded the same CD from internet. So I knew that I had a CD from them, but it was in Barcelona. Annoying...

Now I am in Barcelona again. And today for some stupid chance I've just found the CD: Big Calm, by Morcheeba. Brilliant!!
I'm playing it at the moment and, wooow... maybe is because it remembers me to beautiful green of the Highlands, but really wooooww... How the hell did I forget about them? i know I suck with musics, I absolutely can't remember any name  nor titles nor lyrics, whatever... But usually I remember at least something to try to explain to other about what song/group/singer I'm talking...

But well, now I remember, now I knew, and now I'm going to play the CD till I get tired of them...
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Just a quick note, I', in Salisbury (beautiful), today I've visited Stonehenge and tomorrow I'm going to Glastonbury!!!

See you

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This is for one of my best friends, 

[profile] morgana_avallon / [profile] barda_morgana who this thrusday is goin to Siberia. Yes, you've read it right, she's goint to fucking Siberia. One can understand a travel to Russia, to all Russia and maybe have a see of that cold fields, but just Siberia?? 
But she has a friend in there, working as spanish teacher, and she's going to visit her.

So, hei girl! That's for you. Because not everything is cold in Siberia^^


Have  a nice trip and take care of yourself!!!

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Simple y llanamente, me voy a vivir a Londres, no sé por cuanto tiempo, pero me voy para allí. Sé que son viejas nuevas, que llevo siglos diciéndolo pero ahora va de verdad.

Llevo toda la mañana, desde las 10:57 que he visto mi nota de estadísitica, mirando pisos. Y suerte tengo de que [personal profile] aviss se aburría en el trabajo y me iba guiando porque a pesar de tener delante la maravillosa moleskine de Londres que me ha regalado [profile] neperiana, y mi Lonely Planet de Londres, estos ingleses tienen mil y un apelativos para cada zona, así que más de una vez me ha costado saber donde narices estaba el piso que anunciaban.

El recuento del día es:
- 5 pisos que me han gustado
- 2 curriculums vitaes vistuales. Uno en la red oficial EURES y el otro en Indatex (le empresa de Zara, mango & cia.)
- 1 bonita página informativa del ministerio de trabajo sobre "¿cómo irde a trabajar a UK?"
- 1 e-mail enviado a uno de los pisos que me ha gustado. En Neasden que aunque está en zona tres en el norte de Londres, está muy bien de precio y tiene buena pinta. No lo hubiera hecho tan pronto, pero [personal profile] aviss me ha dicho (literalmente): go fot it! Así que quien soy yo para objetar XDDD

No está mal^^ Mañana dependiendo de los planes personales, miraré de pasarme por un par de sitios para buscar asesoramiento a la hora de buscar trabajo y estudiar algo por allí.

Me siento en una extraña mezcla de nervios, felicidad y  miedo horroroso, pero es genial^^

PD: y ahora que me voy mis padres deciden ampliar el ADSL a 3 megas y apuntarse a imagenio, si es que...
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Cuesta mucho resisistirse a algunas tentaciones, la carne es débil...

Así que cuando ves cosas como estas casi te tienes que clavar las manos a la mesa para no correr a teclear tu codigo de cuenta y comprate un billete... 
Resumo, easyJet tiene descuentos del 35% en sus vuelos hasta el martes por la noche, y como tengo planeado irme por Londres en marzo... Pues me he puesto a mirar, y... Barcelona - Londres Stanted por 13,49 incluidas las tasas (sólo ida, claro, pero ya estan las tasas, el vuelo sale por 5,99) Ok, sé que es Stanted y luego tienes que pillar un autocar de 9 pounds hasta Victoria (o el Stanted express que es un puñal) pero ey! A Gatwik por 21,49€, y a Luton por 18,49€, dependerá de las fechas, pero en general te sale mejor ir a Londres que a Valencia...

Para saber más: http://www.easyjet.com/es/Reserve/index.asp

Así que cuando me mude por aquellos lares no quiero excusas para que no vengáis a verme... Y también me hace planteas cosas como: ¿[personal profile] avissdebe de tener todos los findes la casa okupada, no? (Sí, okupada, porque ahora está de moda esto de okupar y ser antisistema, que se lo digan a la Mayol y a su asquerosamente inflado sueldo...) Vamos con estos precios a la que tengas a un par de amigos nómadas tienes que organizar el calendario para que no vengan todos a la vez...
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Today is not so cold, and I was so dressed, Ive weard so many tshirts and my big coat, de color beig asi que parecia yo hoy el jodido munyeco michelin, that I was even a bit hot, really. But nothing is perfect and now Im in a crepy computer, with a crezy keyboard, so Im going to cange to spanish because Im a bit stressed.

AAAARRRGGGG!!!! Puto teclado de mierda!!!
Ya no es solo que sea diferente a los espanyoles *sorry, no letra especial entre la n y la o*, no es que esta desconfigurado. Los acentos no van, si tecleo z sale una y, o viceversa, y asi con varios signos, asi que sudo de rallarme...

Llevo ya dis dias y medio en Praga y me parece una preciosidad, es como si la hubieran sacado de un cuento... Todas las casas de los principales barrios son una pasada, parece casi que te las pudieras comer algunas, jejejejeje
Incluso la zona donde esta el albergue, que ya que estamos esta de puta madre, es como un eixample cutre segun los standas de Praga pero que no veas con las casas y pisos. El albergue... mola porque es todo un gran edificio, y en cada planta supuestamente tendria que haber dos pisos, por lo que te dan 2 llaves, una del la especie de /piso/ en el que estas, donde hay cocina comunitaria con nevera y cacharros, un cuarto de banyo completo, una lavabo simple y una ducha simple en otro cuarto y dos salas de estar/comedor, y la otra es la de propiamente tu habitacion. Mi habitacion es de seis camas pero ayer solo eramos dos, y hoy estoy yo sola, jjejeje, mola cacho, tengo la habitacion para mi soooooolaaaaa.

Enfrente del albergue esta mi perdicion, un cafe-libreria llamdo Globe, donde hacen chocolate, tes, creppes, brownies y demas cosas ricas, ademas de estar lleno de libros en ingles y ser super mono con buena musica, aiiishhhh... Y es ciber, pero eso no me afecta porque en el albergue hay internet gratis, en dos ordenadores cochambrosos pero, ey!! Es gratis!! Asi que solo por eso me aguantare con el teclado este raro...

Una cosa que me llama la atencion es la cantidad de tipos diferentes de absenta que veo en todas las tiendas, y no solo en las de guiris, sino en los supermercados, tiendas de alimentacion, etc. Incluso tengo una Absinth shop a 5 minutos del albergue. Le he preguntado a una chica en una libreria y me ha dicho que no es especialmente tipica de aqui, pero que hay varias destilarias ahora en la zona de bohemia asi que entre eso y lo que llega a atraer a los turistas... (como yo, que me pienso marchar cargada de botellitas de absenta y algunas no tan pequenyas, jejejej). Lo malo es que por mas que las destilen con hierbas varias, en ninguna pone que lleve ajenjo o absintia artemisium, claro que como esta en checo a saber... Ahora lo estoy buscando XDDd Asi manyana me llevo de la buenas.
Pues eso, nos vemos de aqui poco yo me largo ya que llevo mucho rato ocupando de gratis el pc.



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