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Arggg... I'm so regretting starting this meme thingy-thing. But I'm going to do it, oh hell yes!
So here we go, the past five days:

Day 08 A photo that makes you angry/sad )

Day 09 A photo you took )

Day 10 A photo of you taken over ten years ago )

Day 11 A photo of you taken recently )

Day 12 - A photo that makes me laugh )

30 Days Meme - 12 done, 18 to go! )
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Day 06 ~ Whatever tickles your fancy or "food/aliment I could eat non-stop and never be tired of": olives!!!!!

Day 07 ~ A photo that makes you happy: taken at the last New Year's Eve party (and the year before). I love to spend a few days with that bunch of crazy people, I love them all and I miss them so much, so every year I look forward to that meet up

30 days meme - 7 done, 23 to go! )
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And fuck yeah! They oh sooo did it! They've won the World Cup, and they've done it playing damn good football!!!!
(and no, no LJcut for this, it's not THAT long)

We passed to the final thanks to Puyol, and the victory goal came from Iniesta, as a Barça fan and supporter I assure you I couldn't be more happy than that.
But that's not what made me cry. There was one image, one first image that brough tears to my eyes, because damn! I couldn't be more proud of my boys. And I said one first image because in the following celebrations it became pretty usual, but that first time... Oh man! That first time when Carles Puyol and Xavi Hernandez i Creus celebrated the world victory running around the field with La Senyera... Gods... I loved them so much just right then.

For all of us catalan people that have been supporting and enjoying this Spain NT I think it was the best present you guys could have give us. And of course! I don't forget that the rest of our guys wore it on while they celebrated in Madrid on Monday but... It's just that... that first time was... there are no words... Look at my  "OMG I can't believe it! I love you so much and I'm so proud of all of you" face. I stood still like that for a few minutes lol :)
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It's maybe not a big accomplishment but today we have raced the Cursa del Corte Inglés here in Barcelona.
It might be 8 or 9 years since last time I run it, but eeei! Approximately we have done the same time, which means we have done exactly the same I did when I was younger, "we run, we walk, let' run again for a while, ok that's enough, a little bit more of running, etc" and go on with this run-walk dynamic.

Florecilla & me going professional ;p
Some more pics )
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Si tenéis pensado volar a latitudes mayores, digamos por allá el norte de Europa, un consejo: pillaros los vuelos bien  de mañana o sed previsores/as y pedid un día más de vacaciones.
Volar se está convirtiendo en toda una aventura.

Volcanes que joden planes y fotos de la verde Irlanda )
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Why are towels at hotels so small?
I mean, I'm not what you could say a big woman, some of my friends says I'm pocket-size, actually. And yes, I might be "vertically challenged" --because to say I'm short is not very polite, is t? LOL -- but I'm not that skinny, and if the towels on that hotel barely covered my ass how would it works for the "guiris" that usually spent the summer  in Lloret de Mar? I mean, Netherlander and German men are a lot bigger than I am.

That said, I'm usually not that enamoured of my job but it has its perks, sometimes^^ Like when they send me to an hotel with SPA.


EDIT: written last week while I was stying in Lloret de Mar, but for some weird reason the combo netbook/acer/linux+LJ+pictures doesn't work well.
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I've survived Christmas, I've survived the New Year's Eve party (four full days of drinking, eating, laughing and talking like mad men&women), I've survived the [livejournal.com profile] aisinfronteras  (only three more days!), I've survived the [livejournal.com profile] cm_exchange , I've survived the shopping hysteria,  I've survived my perpetual cold and the going back to work.
Not bad so far.
Still awaiting me the English Level Test so I can enroll myself in the British Council Course and the moving on.

And just for you, a pictorial collage^^ Pics from [livejournal.com profile] aviss  camera

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Two chickens + me = Full kitchen experience )
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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] aviss !!!
Enjoy the day, and we will party in two weeks^^

Remember, remember... This year September...
Girlpower, laughs and fun.
I can see how girlpower, laughs
have just varely begun.
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Me niego a actualizar el netbook por estos lares, así que vamos a postear esto por aquí.
Tercer día y a parte de frío, todo estupendo. Hemos hecho ya Ghibli, Monte Fuji y paseado por varios barrios de Tokyo, mañana nos largamos hacia Kyoto, y a la vuelta ya veremos el resto de cosas de Tokyo.
Sigo sin conseguir que los WC me saquen el aire caliente y estoy pasando un frío... como que nos hemos tenido todas que comprar unas sudaderas de esas de souvenirs para sobrevivir en el Fujisan (monísimas que ibamos todas, oyes!) Y encima por aquí todo el mundo con las mascarillas puestas! En el avión, en el metro, por la calle, ¡por todas partes!

Pues eso, un par de fotos porque aquí todas posteando en sus blogs, lj y facesbooks y me da envidilla ;P

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Last year I wrote a post about my oh-not-so-problem with shoes (the problem being that I have lots of them and I'm always thinking about buying new ones) with some pictures so you really could understand me.
And this has come up because deleting some pictures from my SD-card I've just found some random pictures I took at the beginning of the summer when I was changing winter clothes for summer clothes at my wardrobe. And tachaaan!!! Here we are again!!!

fotos de los trapitos )
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Ya va siendo hora de hacer un review de mi visita fugaz a la ciudad que nunca duerme. Y francamente, me apetece hacerlo en una de mis nobles lenguas (lo haría en catalán pero me entenderían sólo 3 personas de mi flist) a las que en ocasiones siento que he abandonado.

Hace un par de meses, en Marzo para ser exactos, me fui de escapadita a New York con unas amigas. Aquí la menda se había leído una historia ambientada allí y de pronto me entró la acuciante necesidad de ir a Nueva York. "¡Tengo 25 años y aún no he estado en NY! " les grité por email a mis amigas allá por Noviembre del año pasado. Y aunque no pudo ser en los 25, justo 3 semanas después de hacer los 26 nos plantamos en NY para por fin ver con nuestros ojos todo aquello de lo que tanto habíamos leído y que tantas veces habíamos visto en películas o series de TV.
Fotos neoyorkinas del poder! )
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Ok, I'm writing (or at least I'm trying to write) a long post about the first week of February, in which I was in Reus and later in London,  and it was absolutely crazy, and chaotic and oh-so-much-fun.
But meanwhile I finish the bloody post, I just wanted to say "thanks a lot" to everybody that remembered that the past 28th of February was my birthday. So, thank you very much^^ And yes, I had a lot of fun, and laugh and I went out on Friday and Saturday on a classic  triple pack dinner-drinks-club... So you can imagine how I felt on Monday after two rounds of party and a family Sunday (with granpas, uncles, aunts, little cousins, parents and more cake)^^ I even caught a cold!
And as they say: "a picture is worth a  thousand of words"  So here come some pictures!!!

1) Chocolate fudge cake on Friday morning at the office. 2)Partying  with my job friends in La Salamandra 3) Mexican dinner on Saturday with the UAB friends.

Hair 2.0

Jan. 8th, 2009 10:39 pm
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It's done and I feel like something is missing (actually an enormous amount of hair is missing from my head, so not surprises here).
And I look like a little bit like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction and another little bit like Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. Obviously no so gorgeous as both of them, but the hair style is pretty similar.

So if you are curios...
Have a look!!! )
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You know you have a problem when...


 or even more, when ...

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First of all, just tell that I've uploaded all my pictures and videos from this las weekend to: http://s56.photobucket.com/albums/g165/duare_fotos/SM07/
You shouldn't have any problem to enter and have a look. I've tried myself logged out and was ok.... If nor... well, let's just say I'm doing my post by semagic, errr ok, actually I'm deciding which language use. Catalan it's not a very good option, and anyway I usually don't post in catalan. But Spanish or English? Tuturuuuuuu... XDDD Ehhh.... I'll think about it later^^

And on second term, I've just opened an account in del.icio.us. Why? Don't know... It's just that every time I'm looking for a Stargate Atlantis fic google send me to the ones tagged over there. And it works really cool with Firefox (and I'm a Firefox girl) so... Why not? That way I can have all my favourite (why lj is so american!!!! yes I like to write with brit style, so what?) fics saved in my bookmark page^^ Why not use you bookmarks on Firefox or the livejournal's memories? a) because I can't check my bookmarks from other computer and b) because I can save fics, web, etc from whatever archive, journal, whatever they are using. So it's all good^^
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It was a matter of statistics, actually. It a very real estimation to say that the night of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows release there were more than 50 and more and 100 pictures taken of the group of us... We were quite a sight! Really, with [profile] gaia_naturae and me as Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw, [profile] morgana_avallon as Morgana Le Fay, Ivan, [profile] neperiana and [profile] male_chan as a slytheryn, ravenclaw  and gryffindor students (actually, [profile] male_chan was supposed to be Remus Lupin with very short hair) and a standard with the Hogwarts houses' coat of arms...

Anyway, we've been searching internet for some of the pictures that were taken. And finally [profile] neperiana has found one, on the CNN news, lol:))

Here is the LINK

And that's the picture^^ I'm on the front with my bok and my beautiful dress that didn't look so nice because I was so cold that I put a jumper too, the next one is [profile] gaia_naturae, at the back of the picture there's [profile] male_chan and on the rifht side there's a half of [personal profile] aviss.

Hopefully, we will found some more pictures on the foresight  futuere^^
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Este pasado puente de la Constitución me fui de okupa a Valencia^^ Jjejejejejee, me acoplé en casa de [livejournal.com profile] gaia_naturae quien todo hay que decirlo, se ofreció ella en primer lugar para albergarme durante unos días. Y la verdad es que nos vino de muerte.
Teníamos mil cosas de las que hablar, organizar, planificar,etc.

Obviamente, estando allí no perdimos la oportunidad de hacer una cenita con unos cuantos frikis valencianos más. Como es el caso de Pakozoic, aka SamwiseKent, Lilith Riddle aka flotoenelespacioinfinito, y Darkmoona (lo siento guapa^^, pero nunca recuerdo ese nombre raro que te pusiste en tu cuenta, casi mejor que te abras otra cuenta XDDDD).

Y bueno, unas fotos de recuerdo.


Y cuando nos cansamos de chafardear el despacho de Dumbledore, después de tomarnos una copita the absenta, decidimos irnos de fiestas. Así que nos escabulirnos de Hogwarts y nos aparecimos en una discoteca de Hogsmeade,La Claca, para pasar un buen rato.

Gaia, Darkmoona y Pakozoic bailando.

Lilith bailando al son de la música.

Gaia y yo haciéndonos unas risas.

Pakozoic, Lilith, Gaia y Darkmoona.

Darkmoona y yo.

Lilith y yo. Como véis, tengo totalmente perfeccionado el arte de hacer auto-fotos^^, jejejeje!

Pakozoic y yo, aunque no os penséis que es tan bajito... O que yo soy tan alta, XDDD Se tuvo que agachar un poco (como bastante más bien... ¡jajajajajaaa!)

Y como regalo... Una foto de la pedazo de tarta de chocolate que hicimos entre Gaia y yo, ¡ñam ñam!

Y eso fue todo... Por el momento claro^^ En fin de años, ¡más!

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Well, yesterday night i went out with some of my friend (actually, we were only three^^: Nuria, Rebeca and me) at fista Mayor de Bellvitge . First we wennt to the cultural acts because Ivan (from Insanity Words) was acting his play Sabor&Calidad, buuuuttt we really are "pajaras" because we arrived just when they had finished at ten o'clock when started some group aragones, I'm not really sure.

Then we went to the "xiringuitos" of the political parties or other associations to have some beers and "bravas", as always we went to Iniciativa els Verds stand, where we saw Mr. Saura and checked that they dindt use recycled paper (what a shame of ecologist!!)
There were some funny coincidence, like that:

the PP's stand is just nest to Izquierda Unida with their republican flag. Hilarius^^

It's was really cold yesterday,but with some beers in our bodies all was better, and stupid thigs like that made us laugh^^

Now, we know from where come the patos, ducks,they come from patolandia, as... duckland??? whatever... Yesterday it was really funny...

About 2 o'clock we went to Depo (deposito lega) a nice pub with good music and not very expensive, it was too early to go to Salamanda althought we pass for the same strerrt and was already pretty full. Some beers later, when the Depo closed, we walk to Salamandra and at some distance we saw smoke and a strange orange light.

-Ey! That's smoke... the salamandra is there, isnt it?
-Naahhh... It's a little more fay away...
-Well,maybe is some industry next to the disco...
-Yes, that's it

And it was true, one of the industrial building next to Salamandra was burning. And how there want any danger we started a long conversation about burnings, anf very bad jokes.

People in front of Salamandra.

-Oh my god! Salamandra is burning!!!
-god save the queen!!1
-Now we dont have cubata! I want to drink
-well, I prefer being out of salamandra that to have some smoking cubata^^
-Fuck! I want to piss! I want the silver waterclose of the salamandra!!!
-Now they arent silver, they are black. Smoke black, XDD

And bla, bla,bla... Nuria went to his home and rebeca and me waited for the nitbus.

And that was all night, now I'm going to IW, and later we'll correct that crepy text^^


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