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And fuck yeah! They oh sooo did it! They've won the World Cup, and they've done it playing damn good football!!!!
(and no, no LJcut for this, it's not THAT long)

We passed to the final thanks to Puyol, and the victory goal came from Iniesta, as a Barça fan and supporter I assure you I couldn't be more happy than that.
But that's not what made me cry. There was one image, one first image that brough tears to my eyes, because damn! I couldn't be more proud of my boys. And I said one first image because in the following celebrations it became pretty usual, but that first time... Oh man! That first time when Carles Puyol and Xavi Hernandez i Creus celebrated the world victory running around the field with La Senyera... Gods... I loved them so much just right then.

For all of us catalan people that have been supporting and enjoying this Spain NT I think it was the best present you guys could have give us. And of course! I don't forget that the rest of our guys wore it on while they celebrated in Madrid on Monday but... It's just that... that first time was... there are no words... Look at my  "OMG I can't believe it! I love you so much and I'm so proud of all of you" face. I stood still like that for a few minutes lol :)
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Como queríamos ver la final de la Euroliga nos hemos ido al cine a ver Nausicä a la sesisón de las 18H (btw, si no la habéis visto, hacedlo! Para mi, la obra cumbre de Miyazaki, al menos de guión).
Pero al tema, que me alegro de haberlo arreglado para poder ver la final.
¡Ha valido taaanto la pena ver el partido! ¡Euroliga para casa! Que ya les tocaba , de verdad, que han jugado de manera brutal esta temporada, y a falta de Champions, me consuelo en esta, sigh...

Pues eso, que he disfrutado  con el partidazo y que me he reído mucho viendo a los del equípo de fútbol "de la terra" llegar, y con Ricky colgado de la canasta haciendo el mono, o Grimau de embarazado con el balón XD Y aish.... que me gusta a mi Gianluca Basile, de verdad ^^

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Gothic, cybers and stupid bulgarians flatmates... The story of a memorable night.

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I think I've a catched a cold... I don't know, maybe it's a flu, what I know for sure is that I'm feeling very ill... But, I didn't want to stay at home all by myself, alone. I needed to see friendly faces... So first I've met with [personal profile] avisson Tottenham Court Road, to have some drinks on  Point 101, it was nice and I succumbed the temptation of drink a cocktail (I don't remember the name but it was good). And then I've gone with one of [personal profile] aviss's friends, Juanma, to The Spitz, a nice bar/club, to see a concert of a band called The Rum Circus, when a friend of him plays the battery. It's been a short concert, about only five songs, for only 30 or 40 minutes, so I was ok for me, I just haven't drink anything.

It's  been nice, I liked the local, and the music was great, but what got my attention was the singer of the band. She was really attractive, with a very powerful voice and a strong presence. I spent all the concert just watching her with a dreamy smile on my face. That was a woman for I could fall easily, even known she's not my usual type (both in women and men). The concert finished, and Juanma and me went out quickly, because both of us wanted to pick the 25 to arrive home as soon as possible, but just at the door we meet with her... I think her name is Chesca, and oh man! She's really gorgeous when you are pretty near to her, and has the most beautiful eyes ever.

If you don't believe me, just have a look, really.



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