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So I finally decided not to sign up to the Avengers exchange because lately I've been jumping from fandom to fandom, and surfing through a fandom which usually makes me jump to another fandom that I don't feel like I would be faithful enough to my love for Tony and Steve to be able to fullfill my assignment.

But let's talk about the wonderful world of fandom. I love discovering new fandom, I really do! But do you know what I love even more than discovering a new fandom? Go back to an old one to catch up with all the new stuff.

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Day 03 ~ Your favorite television program: Stargate SG1
Most awesome science fiction TV show ever. It might not be the best and plot complexity thing, but girl! This is a damn fun series!
And I've been watching it for year with my parents. So you ask me about a TV show and I say SG1, that's a sure thing.

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Less than a week to finish my fic for the [livejournal.com profile] satedan_grabass  thing-a-thon!!!!!
I'm not panicking, not at all, really. As a my very good friend [livejournal.com profile] aviss  told me "1000 palabras se escriben con la punta de la polla"
Oh damn! I don't have one of those!!!!
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I'ts raining, it has been raining all along the bloody day: a rainy shitty Monday !
With a oh-surprise-surprise Reading part of the Proficiency mock exams.
No, really, fraking Monday of doom!
I ache everywhere, especially on my back and shoulders (hell of a moving on), I'm tired and I've spent more than half of the day with my feet cold and humit.

So just to feel a bit better I've signed up to the John/Ronon (from StarGate Atlantis) thing-a-thon at [livejournal.com profile] satedan_grabass , a nice and entertaining way to improve my English writing skills ^^
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I've just watched the last two movies of the long and wonderful Stargate SG-1 saga, and well if you are a fan you are going to love them, if you aren't don't bother to watch them you are not going to understand nothing at all.

The first one, The Ark of Truth closes the Ori plot.

And oh man, the second movie, Continuum, shows us lots of old friends and foes (Apophis!!!!)

But for a fan as myself, who has watched several times the ten full seasons, these two movies are a perfect ending because it's not an ending it's a closed door for the two arcs they had been playing the last seasons (and all along the show in the case of the goa'uld lords part) but it leaves an open door in case they decide to go on with one or two more movies.
Actually, I'm still waiting for the scene where supposedly Cameron has to cut the green cable just as "black Cameron" told him in the Ripple Effect episode, so I think I'm not mistaken if I believe there's still more to come.

By the way, best quote ever, from the lovely Baal: "there is a God standing here with wet hands" LOL He's so hilarious sometimes!
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I'm sick (again)... I know I've got a problem, virus/bacterias/all-kind-of-nasty-little-stuff just seems to love me (well, they love my body, it seems I play a nice house-bacteria, sweet...).
That means I have lot of time to spent on the sofa watching the ten season SG-1 pack that my mom bought for Christmas. 
Can you believe I started by season 9? Why? Well dears, because there's Cameron Mitchell, so there's so much love!!!
Ok, I started to re-watch the series around Christmas (I just have more free time now) and I re-discovered the whole SG1 fandom. With SGA I didn't have any problem: watched the first and second seasons and fell in love with the Sheppard/McKay friendship ans Sheppard/Dex sex so it was all nice and great in my mind. And fandom had lots of fics to read.
But with SG1 it wasn't the same, at lest not the fist time I checked  the fandom. There weren't any ships that pick my interest up (because no, I just can't see the Jack/Daniel factor, not in a love-sex relationship at least). But this time it was quite different, because "beware, here are Cam Mitchell" and Cam Mitchell is sex. An l kind of like him having sex with Daniel, and it seems the fandom in general agrees with me. So there's so much love and fun! And I am in a full squeeee mood (minus the awful stomach-flu, but that's no really important)

And all this nonsenses to say that lately I've felt tired of to much Harry Potter fic/fandon/etc. I've spent years only reading fics about HP, and I think I've reached the limit. I suppose that's the reason in the last few months I've started reading about several other fandoms, like Smallville, DC-comics (with or without the crossover with Smallville), SG-A and just recently SG-1.
It's refreshing, and there's so much to read about! Especially for a fast--I-can't-stop--reader like  me.

So yes, I'm sick and I feel awful but there's a new whole fandom out there!


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