Aug. 8th, 2011 11:58 pm
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Or how to improve your fangirling level. Because an archive that let you download full fic in just one MOBI doc so you can read it right from your Kindle is absolutely love.

And I've got my account! Oh yeah! I don't know why I didn't get one of those before, but last week I though about it and [ profile] aviss  was -as always- nice and wonderful enough to invite me.

I like the kuddos thing, and the bookmarks, which even if it's similar to the system is a little bit easier in its use.
So yeah, I'm compiling my AO3 recs also over there of course! And I also got my English fics uploaded.

Let the fun begin!
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Y volvemos a la carga un año más. ¡Tercera edición del Amigo Invisible Sin Fronteras! ¡Tercera ya!
Lo peor es pensar que la 1ª del [ profile] aisinfronteras  era la 4ª edición de [ profile] la_torre , así que entre uno y otro sumamos ya 6 intercambios a nuestras espaldas. Mare meva com passa el temps!

Self-pimping porque nosotras lo valemos (y porque [ profile] aviss  es la puta reina de los banners con fandoms que nos vuelven locas)

Entrando más en modo materno-administradora: ¡LAS NORMAS! Sí, esas grandes desconocidas de las que todos hablamos y tan pocos leemos. Leedlas pretty please y si algo no os queda claro, dejadnos un comentario o contactar con nosotras via el email del intercambio (aisinfronteras @ gmail . com). Y cuando os hayáis leído ya LAS NORMAS pues me vais directas al post  de NOMINACIÓN DE FANDOMS. Recordad, se pueden nominar como máximo 3 fandoms y uno al menos deber ser obligatoriamente de los que os ponemos en la lista.

¡Y no os ralléis aún con el formulario para apuntarse! No está aún colgado, no lo estará hasta mediados de agosto, y cuando lo colguemos lo explicaremos con pelos y señales para facilitaros las cosas. De todos modos, será muy parecido (sino igual) que el del año pasado, y como siempre si hay dudas: comentario o email.

Dream bigger, darlings!
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I've just spent the last hour laughing like a catcall with this absolutely awesome and hilarious X-Men First Class AU fic:

I ♥ NY (It’s My Friends I’m Not Sure Of) by oddegg on AO3.
A fan-fucking-tastic ~18K WIP fic that has made my flatmate ask me if  I was alright, because you know... laugh alone on your own can be a symptom of dementia.

Was written originally for the kink meme (yeah, all the good stuff comes from there) and it's pretty much what the promt says, just well-written and gloriously funny.

Summary: Erik is a single, successful man who likes quick sex with no strings attached. Then, he meets college professor Charles and it's love at first sight, at least for him. Charles, who heard of Erik's notorious ways, wants nothing to do with him besides being friends. Cue Erik bending over backwards to steal Charles' heart.

Reasons to invest your time on  oh-bloody-hell-another-WIP-no:

-Have you read the tittle? How can you not love a fic with that kind of title? 
-Best  first sentence ever!
"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man, in possession of the honour of gracing both the Forbes 400 and the Post’s most eligible bachelor list in the same year, must be–”

“…About to kill his dear friend if she insists on spouting any more of that overworked cliché in his hearing?”

I mean, we are talking about Jane Austen here, this is serious busosiness people! You've got to love someone who knows hos to use the classics and be funny,

- Yeah, Erik and Charles are adorable, but OMG the friends and family. Special mentions to Az (aka Azazel) who is the manny -because if you are a man and work as a nanny you are obviously a manny- and Erik children.

And really I could go on and on and on, but I've just decided I want to re-read it again, so let me have my fun and I seriously hope you give this fic a chance. Yeah, I know the beware-of-WIPs but come on! Do you want to have a good laugh? Go to the fic you crazy women! 
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 Well, in my crussade to read everything posted on the [ profile] erik_charles  comm I've just found this absolutely hilarious  post by [ profile] alishatorn .
I can't be more agree whit what she says, really.

The post is about one of the soundtracks themes for the movie X-Men First Class, and well... I'll let you watch the video and read the lyrics and see by yourself what I mean:

follow the cut to read the lyrics )

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6 more recs on my memories and one more on this post. And today haven't been a high productivity day -productivity meaning the more fics read the better- because shitty days are my usual day nowadays... So practically no time to read until just right now.

So goodbye and let's read!

(I love fandom explosions)
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Comerme un mango bien dulce me hace feliz.
Soy así de simple.
Si está bien bueno incluso canturreo y bailo mientras lo pelo y corto a porciones para guardar en la nevera.

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 I love the kink memes, I really do. But they are a real pain in the ass to keep track of good fics, because seriously LJ:  why can I add a comment to my memories?

So, as that seems to be impossible, I'm going to need another way soooo... I've decided that while simple fics posted in LJ can still go to my memories, the kink stuff, and the fics posted  at AO3 or are going to be reced  from this post. A post that will go directly to my memories so it can be easily checked.

So here we go, X-Men First Class Fanficion Recommendation by me:

Try, try again by anon PG13 Completed (kink meme)
Prompt: Erik is forced to repeat that day until he stops being an asshole.

Wisteria by anon NC17 Completed (kink meme)
Erik hates being unable to hide just how much he wants Charles.

Trust by nyssa123 T Completed (FF)
AU- After Cuba, Erik decides not to leave. It's all different, now- as Charles adjusts to life in a wheelchair, Erik has to atone for what he's done. In real life, nothing is ever easy.

Any Measure of Peace by manic_intent R Completed (AO3) long fic 19387k
Written for the prompt: "AU in which there was no beach divorce. Charles has been throwing himself at Erik, but Erik refuses to give in to his desires. Something about not wanting to sully Charles' happy life with his darkness. He's done some things, you see. Some very bad things. Charles, however, is nothing if not persistent. So he seduces Erik with everything he's got. Erik suffers an epic case of blue balls."

Limited Release by anon PG-13 (so far) WIP (kink meme)
Alternate Universe |Based on: White Collar. And before you go running away let me tell you something: so far it has 29 parts plus 3 bonus and it's the most funny, hilarious and amazingly detailed fic that I've read in this fandom. So trust me, go to read it even if it's still unfinished. Just today I've already read it twice!
Summary: Alex is a criminal consultant for the FBI, Hank is Alex's loyal friend who tries to get him out of jail, Erik is the agent that caught Alex in the first place, Shaw is the bad guy, and Charles is Shaw's number one target. The kids are part of Erik's team!

Time to Grow by zarah5 R Completed (AO3) long fic 20964k
In which you'll find chess dates which aren't dates (or maybe Charles is wrong about that). – This follows First Class, but turns AU during the beach scene. 
This is beautifully well written, and it makes perfect sense. You can feel the UST and the pain and loss, and you can see the changes and they feel natural. Hell, even Charles lectures makes sense!

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Contrario a lo que pudiera parecer trase esta larga ausencia: no, no he muerto. Siete meses sin postear, creo que he batido un record o algo.
Y ahora me ha dado por postear porque llevo una hora mirando mi LJ en busca de una fotos... que sino de qué.
Pues eso, bonitos días.

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¡¡¡Tenemos entradas para el cine!!!
Cine Icària Yelmo, sábado 20, sesión 20:30 Fila 11 asientos pares 2 a 12 e impares del 1al 11.
¡Y so far somos 12! Y disfrazadas! (no las 12 pero sí una cuantas ;P)

Además he conseguido colgar el post del [ profile] aisinfronteras  con las directrices de formato y entrega. LEEDO!!!! Nos los hemos copiado/adaptado del [ profile] dream_exchange  porque son una amor de admins y con muy buenas idea.  Solo que me ha costado la vida colgarlo... sí, estoy espesa y LJ parece que también. 
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Porque creo que es el último sitio por donde me quedaba ya gritar el tema... Total, ya lo he hecho por email, facebook, twitter, en persona, por tlf... 

De verdad que sólo necesito saber el puto día que va mejor para ver la peli, viernes o sábado... El problema es compenetrar grupos de gente diferentes. Si no fuera por eso, abriría una poll por aquí...
Soooo... Cine Icària, VOSE Cuando tenga claro si voy viernes o sábado ya diré algo más. Por el momento ando pendiente de que [ profile] darkmoona compre su billete de bus y de unas amigas del trabajo.

Pues eso...
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 I've finished the bloody fic for the [ profile] dream_exchange  I 'm so happy and proud of myself^^

And now let' catch some sleep (only 4 hours... sigh...)
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Sigh... I've been neglecting LJ so much lately. But really, I blame my muse(or the lack of her) and tumblr!
For once, my muse has been kicking my ass and I've been struggling so much with the [ profile] dream_exchange , thankfully she's back and I'm on writing mood and it's all working all right.
I've also been avoiding Lj because... well, if I can't write I punish myself with no reading time either.
And then there's tumblr and if you have a tumblr account you know what I mean, and if you don't avoid it like the devil itself, because really, it suck your whole soul...

OH! Por cierto... participantes del [ profile] aisinfronteras ,  ¿cómo llevamos los fics/arts? Que sepáis que os quedan 3 semanas y 5 días, ¿eh? ¿Eeh? ¿Eeeeeh?
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Porque todo lo bueno se acaba. Acabaron los libros y el fin de las películas se acera. ¿Y qué mejor manera de despedirnos de Harry Potter (del canon al menos) que con un gran BANG?

Bien, pues aquí lo tenemos: [ profile] hpbigbang_es  

Nunca he participado en un Bang, en inglés aún voy con pies de plomo en lo que me apunto. Así que si no acabo nockeada total del NaNoWriMo y del [ profile] aisinfronteras  a esto me apuntaré seguro. Sí, hasta el 1 del Diciembre para apuntarme, lo sé...  ¡Pero ei! El nanowrimo termina el 31 de Noviembre, así que queda clavado. Total, la historia ya la tengo y todo, y hace tiempo que me apetecía sacarme esa espinita así que esta es la oportunidad perfecta.

Así que damas y caballeros (sí, los pocos que hay por aquí), ¡pasen y vean!

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Oh hell yeah! I've got my  "zero gravity Arthur fight pic" + "defying gravity word" 
I wan't looking for it, even if I wanted to have one. I entered to that post cut without knowing my icon will be there, no reason. It was... destiny...

Pues eso, que ya tengo mi icono Arthur lucha en gravedad cero + "defying gravity" Me encanta, no lo buscaba ni nada, pero he entrado al buen tuntún en ese cut que ponía que podía contener no apto para menores y et voilà! Mi icono!!! Ha sido el destino, I'm sure...
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Sorry for the delay, but I've been busy with other net-workings stuff, in this case my blog and the [ profile] aisinfronteras  account and sign-ups, but here we are again. Doing another big catch up of several days.

Day 13 A fictional book ~ Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. Do I need to say anything else?
Day 14 A non-fictional book ~  Invictus by  John Carling
It's the last one I've read and I loved it, I love the mix of politics, history and sport awesomeness. It made me feel a hurricane of emotions and that's what a good book should do.
Day 15 A fanfic ~ Just one? Ok, I'm going to say THE ONE that got me down the rabbit hole: Irresistible Poison by Rhyssen And 7 years after I read it, I'm still into fandom
Day 16 A song that makes you cry (or nearly) ~ Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell
Gods... that song! Every single time I listen it is like the first time all over again. My skin all goose bumped, and be still oh heart of mine!

Day 17 An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.) ~Lake Keitele by Akseli Gallen-Kallela.
Amazing piece of art... It'  just look at it and I feel calm again. I have an small print, bur one of these days I'm going to buy the biggest print ever, one of my white walls on my room is waiting for it actually.
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Arggg... I'm so regretting starting this meme thingy-thing. But I'm going to do it, oh hell yes!
So here we go, the past five days:

Day 08 A photo that makes you angry/sad )

Day 09 A photo you took )

Day 10 A photo of you taken over ten years ago )

Day 11 A photo of you taken recently )

Day 12 - A photo that makes me laugh )

30 Days Meme - 12 done, 18 to go! )
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I write like
Margaret Atwood

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Or at least it seems so based on this short paragraph:
"He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. It smelled like forest, like everything that is green and fir’s wood. It smelled like the desert’s sand under the blinding sun. It smelled like history, like old leather in a zoco and sandalwood. It smelled like the enraged sea, like the Scotland coast. It smelled like home, like evenings in the sofa and a crackling fire. It smelled like friendship felt. It smelled like everything that was precious and for what it was worth to be alive"
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Day 06 ~ Whatever tickles your fancy or "food/aliment I could eat non-stop and never be tired of": olives!!!!!

Day 07 ~ A photo that makes you happy: taken at the last New Year's Eve party (and the year before). I love to spend a few days with that bunch of crazy people, I love them all and I miss them so much, so every year I look forward to that meet up

30 days meme - 7 done, 23 to go! )
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Day 05 ~ Your favorite quote:  "No hands, no cookies" (or as it says in Spanish: "no hay manos, no hay galletas")
It's from a very bad-tasteful joke,  about a kid asking his mother for some cookies, the mother refuse to give him one again and again and again and tell him to pick one by himself if he wants it so much. The kid then say to his mother that he can't because he has no hands and well, the mother's answers is  "no hands, no cookies".
I know is cruel and not funny at all if you really think about it. But for me and my friends, when we were at secondary school and we were told it, it became a way to see the world soon enough. It was more a mantra than a joke. For us it meant that if we wanted something we must get it by ourself, because nobody is going to fight our battles.

30 days meme - 5 done, 25 to go! )
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I've already signed up to the [ profile] dream_exchange  Oh Yeah bb! The Inception Slash Gift Exchange.
I'm so bloody excited!!! No, really. Once I've seen my comment posted I started giggling like a silly girl.


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