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This next week is the first time I'm going to be on a job trip. They are sending me (and another of my coworkers) to Reus to spent the full week forming and teaching the people of the two Property Registry on our GIS programme, so they could update all their database in a GIS format (which let me tell you, is a big improvement because the Registries still works with the old paper books and maybe some Excels, that's all, really archaic indeed).
I'm a bit nervous... what if I don't teach them alright, what if they don't understand nothing or they just don't care about what I am explaining.
Aaaaarrrggg... But then, I breath, clam down and I realize that the Geobase programme is so basic and simple that's there's no way I can fuck out this, lol :)

Anyway, the good think is that we are going to spent the full week on a four star hotel called Quality Reus, and even if it's a bit far away from the Registry ( 20 minutes by bus), the rooms look  nice, with Tv, Internet connection, etc. And they pay us enough money everyday to have lunch and dinner and even save some part. So no complaints here!

The other crazy thing about this weeks is that once we finish our job on Friday's afternoon we are going to take a fly from Reus to London, where we will meet with the other six girls of my job. Yaaaaiiiii, London weekend with the girls from work. It's madness I know but we are going to have so much fun!! We are going to London, darlings!
It's been too long since I went to London last time, actually since I left a year and a half ago I haven't come back there, and I kind of miss it (a lot). So I am very excited, and happy, and nervous and a bit sad because I'm just going to stay for two days and I don't think it's enough time to meet with any of the wonderful and amazing people that I met over there.
Next time I suppose, next time I'll try to spent a few more days... Next time, who knows, next time I could stay for good.


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Gothic, cybers and stupid bulgarians flatmates... The story of a memorable night.

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I've decided that on the last day of my stay here in the crappy house (with the fucking pigs we have as house mates) I need (for my own mental health) to do something against these gits. I'm thinking to mix some kind of laxative in their cokes (yes, because they drink coke every fucking minute of the day), but I'm not sure if I will be satisfied just with that. I was quite happy with my "braking the wifi stuff" but I don't think they are going to ask about it anymore... Anyway, I'm not that worried, I know that something more will pop up in my mind^^

PS: If you don't understand why I'm so angry about them, just go and read this post of [profile] morgana_avallon.
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I'm looking at gothic clothes in ebay. I know I shouldn't do it, but it's all [personal profile] aviss fault (and you know it is), really! I've never  do it before, but since I'm living in London that it's now an usual thing.

Anyway, I'm looking for some pretty corsets, not that I plan to buy one, nooooo way^^ But they are so beautiful... But there's a big misunderstanding about the sizes, really.
I've just checked one corset size 14, measurements: bust 34", waist 30". WHAAAAAT!!!??? That's not a 14!! Really, I have very similars measurements and I have a 10-12 size in shirts, t-shirts, etc.
And the same about skirts, I know my skirt/trousers size here is 10-12 too, I usually prefer the 12 because I'm more comfortable, but just today I've bought a black trousers from Evans in Liverpool Street Market, size 10 and I fit in them. But in accordance of this skirts' measurements, I have a 14-16, because my hips are 41,5" .

Really, I'm absolutely sure that there's some kind of complot/conspiracy/thing to confound me about the cloth sizes in this country.
Sooooo, please can anybody explain it to me? Or maybe it's just normal. I thought that this fucking problem about different sizes was just one more shit about Spain. But noooo... It's seems that here in UK thins are just the same.
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Llevo en Londres desde el 8 de marzo, de eso hace ya tres meses. Y en todo este tiempo la única persona que me ha venido a ver es [profile] morgana_avallon. No es que me queje porque no me haya venido a ver más gente. Noooo...

De lo que me quejo es de que quieran venir todos ahora a la vez. Shit!!! Empiezo el curro nuevo la semana que viene. Tengo que pedir y conseguir que me den como sea el finde del Sectus y de DH (deathly hallows, especifiquemos porque la primera vez que vi la abreviatura pensé que quería decir Draco/Harry XDDD). Ese fin de semana, el del 21 y 22, ya viene gente de visita, por el tema friky y esas cosas...

Pero resulta que mis amigos de la uni me quieren venir  a ver. Perfect^^ El finde ante, el del 14 y 15 de julio. No way que pueda yo tener ese finde libre... Ya les he advertido. Pero bueno, no pasa nada.

Lo  gracioso es que hablando hoy con mis padres, va y me dicen que están mirando de hacer una escapadita para venirme a ver con una de mis tías. En julio también. Ya les he dicho, que si quieren venir, ok, pero tendrá que ser o el primer o el último fin de semana de julio.  Y que obviamente estaré trabajando. Que poooooor faavoooor, miren de venir en agosto. ¡Joder! Si es más normal, es cuando tienen vacaciones, podrían venir entre semana, lo cual facilitaria que los viera., y saldría más barato.. O aunque fuera un fin de semana, en agosto no tengo que pedir nada especial, podría arreglarlo con los de la tienda.

Pero nop, todos en julio. Seguiditos.
Con un poco de suerte mis padres se lo pensarán y vendrán o en agosto o a principios de septiembre.  Creo que tras explicarles la situación y decirles que ya que me vienen a ver, agradecería poder estar con ellos más de 5 horas después de currar, han entendido que julio no es el mejor mes para venir a verme.

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Premier Potter Party
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Friday, 20 July 2007, 9:00PM

At Waterstone's Piccadilly there will be an extra special celebration - a fantastic queue party outside the shop. The magic starts at 9pm, with wizards, entertainers, mythical creatures, games and prizes. Join us, Hagrid, Professors McGonagall and Snape and even a resurrected Dumbledore as we count down to midnight - and the final chapter in the Harry Potter story.

Si el martes no nos han dicho nada a

[personal profile] aviss ni a mi de los del sorteo para ir a la lectura de JKR, reservaremos los libros en esa misma Waterstone's, ok?


Así que please^^ seríais tan amables de decirnos cuántos queréis? Me imagino que es uno por cabeza... Lo que me da... 7 libros (

[profile] neperiana, Ivan, [profile] morgana_avallon, [profile] mekare_caillea, [profile] male_chan, [profile] lilith_riddle y [profile] gaia_naturae), pero puede que que alguno quiera alguno más... No sé... Y aunque no creo que haya problemas para comprar más libros al día siguiente, si los tenemos reservados mejor. Es lo que haremos [profile] gaia_naturae y yo con los del premio del concurso de [profile] la_torre.


Y por cierto, los de la Royal Mail (servicio de correos británico) han sacado merchandising especial de Harry Potter para la ocasión^^ Se pondrán a la venta el 17 de Julio, ya sea en las oficinas como por online. Podéis ver los productos AQUÍ.

PD: va siendo hora que cierto señor se abra un lj... Y también sería de agradecer que cierta señorita pasara por mi casa en Barcelona y le entregara a otra cierta señorita una tela azul maravillosa para que me arregle mi túnica, eh? Eeeh? EEEEEEHHHHH!!!!????


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Today I had morning shift, 7 to 12... I'm so sleepy. I think it's some kind of revenge for leaving the company, put the most strange hours to the traitorous girl. Anyway, after finishing work I was supposed to meet with Rut to have lunch together, but she absolutely forgot about it. So it was 12:10, I had finished to work and nothing to do^^

And then I had a great idea (or that's what I though...) As I'm going to start my new job next Monday, and I need to wear dark trousers/skirt, and I just have one pair of black trousers, why not go to Primark and just have a look?
That was the idea... But Primark is so cheap, and even thought that the clothes there are no that nice, you alway can find some useful piece, like some basic trousers, t-shirts, skirts, underwear, etc
So obviously I went just to have a look and I left with an enormous bag. Really, it's impossible to go there and not buy nothing at all. Well maybe when the shop is full of people, one is so stressed that the idea of spent more time there just on the different queues  is not really appalling.

The point is that i left the shop with a pair of black trousers ( 5£) , a pack of 5 mini briefs -black knickers- (2£), a pair of shoes (3£) and a new big bag (4£). Total: 14£ Not bad, but fortunately I don't go to Primark every day, or every week... I couldn't afford it^^

Shops like that should be banned, they are a very strong temptation... Like Sainsbury, whenever I go just to buy some milk/salas/bread/whatever, I left with two bags full of goodies.
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I don't know why but internet is not working at home. So I've come to a cyber to check the email and to send a fax.
I hope to day it starts working because I fucking need internet!!!! It's  like the air I breath...


Jun. 3rd, 2007 11:16 pm
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I've posted already the announce of flat/house wanted in Gumtree^^
You can read it HERE
A lady has answer me just a few minutes ago, who knows? Maybe we have luck and the place is really nice... (it's in Stratford, so that's a very big and important point)

Wish us luck!!!
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OMG!That's just hilarius.
I'm trying to fill on-line my details on London City University to apply for a MSc, and I need to choose a title. Ok, that's easy, it's Miss, one of the good things about filling this application is that they are all the same. But then, when I look at the different options of titles,that what I've found:


that are the usual ones, but there's more^^

Madamoioselle (why in french??... I don't understand it, maybe it's a british thing)
Professor ( I didn't know it was title, no like Dr at least XDDD )
Squadron Leader (WTF!!! lol XDD like in Star Wars!!)
Captain (¡¡!!)
Viscount (ooohhh... yes please!)
Lord (Malfoy! ok, sorry, I've reading a fic about the Malfoys being lords XDD)

Now I have a strong temptation to log me as Squadron Leader XDDD, I'll try as Lord but i don't thing it can be used for women...

Anyway, it's just that it's surprised me^^ On a good way, indeed.
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Well, at least the new layout of livejournal for the Easter days is better that the one they use for St. Valentin (not difficult, with all the pink and the hears it was just disgusting... What? I hate pink, I've hated pink all my live because as a child my family always made me wear pink clothes...)

But I thinks it's very interesting how different in Spain we live the Easter holidays (if you are a religious person, of course... That it's no my case, but that's not the point...)
In Spain is so serious ans sacred, with the processions, and all the representation of the Christ's Passion... Sometimes is a bit morbid, with the Christ statutes on the streets, and the people's taking them, and crying... (ok, that's more an andalusian thing, but a part of my family are from there...).
And here... I don't know. It's a religious festivity too for sure, but then there's that thing about white bunnies and chocolate eggs that take the seriousness off. It's funny^^

I haven't eaten any chocolate eggs or bunnies, but I've made a delicious chocolate cake (it's more a fondant, if you know what I mean, like a brownie...). And tomorrow I'm going to take to [livejournal.com profile] aviss home, although she's not all that crazy about chocolate, but her flatmate is (and me too^^).

Nice holidays for everybody!!!
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I think I've a catched a cold... I don't know, maybe it's a flu, what I know for sure is that I'm feeling very ill... But, I didn't want to stay at home all by myself, alone. I needed to see friendly faces... So first I've met with [personal profile] avisson Tottenham Court Road, to have some drinks on  Point 101, it was nice and I succumbed the temptation of drink a cocktail (I don't remember the name but it was good). And then I've gone with one of [personal profile] aviss's friends, Juanma, to The Spitz, a nice bar/club, to see a concert of a band called The Rum Circus, when a friend of him plays the battery. It's been a short concert, about only five songs, for only 30 or 40 minutes, so I was ok for me, I just haven't drink anything.

It's  been nice, I liked the local, and the music was great, but what got my attention was the singer of the band. She was really attractive, with a very powerful voice and a strong presence. I spent all the concert just watching her with a dreamy smile on my face. That was a woman for I could fall easily, even known she's not my usual type (both in women and men). The concert finished, and Juanma and me went out quickly, because both of us wanted to pick the 25 to arrive home as soon as possible, but just at the door we meet with her... I think her name is Chesca, and oh man! She's really gorgeous when you are pretty near to her, and has the most beautiful eyes ever.

If you don't believe me, just have a look, really.


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Simple y llanamente, me voy a vivir a Londres, no sé por cuanto tiempo, pero me voy para allí. Sé que son viejas nuevas, que llevo siglos diciéndolo pero ahora va de verdad.

Llevo toda la mañana, desde las 10:57 que he visto mi nota de estadísitica, mirando pisos. Y suerte tengo de que [personal profile] aviss se aburría en el trabajo y me iba guiando porque a pesar de tener delante la maravillosa moleskine de Londres que me ha regalado [profile] neperiana, y mi Lonely Planet de Londres, estos ingleses tienen mil y un apelativos para cada zona, así que más de una vez me ha costado saber donde narices estaba el piso que anunciaban.

El recuento del día es:
- 5 pisos que me han gustado
- 2 curriculums vitaes vistuales. Uno en la red oficial EURES y el otro en Indatex (le empresa de Zara, mango & cia.)
- 1 bonita página informativa del ministerio de trabajo sobre "¿cómo irde a trabajar a UK?"
- 1 e-mail enviado a uno de los pisos que me ha gustado. En Neasden que aunque está en zona tres en el norte de Londres, está muy bien de precio y tiene buena pinta. No lo hubiera hecho tan pronto, pero [personal profile] aviss me ha dicho (literalmente): go fot it! Así que quien soy yo para objetar XDDD

No está mal^^ Mañana dependiendo de los planes personales, miraré de pasarme por un par de sitios para buscar asesoramiento a la hora de buscar trabajo y estudiar algo por allí.

Me siento en una extraña mezcla de nervios, felicidad y  miedo horroroso, pero es genial^^

PD: y ahora que me voy mis padres deciden ampliar el ADSL a 3 megas y apuntarse a imagenio, si es que...


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