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Why are towels at hotels so small?
I mean, I'm not what you could say a big woman, some of my friends says I'm pocket-size, actually. And yes, I might be "vertically challenged" --because to say I'm short is not very polite, is t? LOL -- but I'm not that skinny, and if the towels on that hotel barely covered my ass how would it works for the "guiris" that usually spent the summer  in Lloret de Mar? I mean, Netherlander and German men are a lot bigger than I am.

That said, I'm usually not that enamoured of my job but it has its perks, sometimes^^ Like when they send me to an hotel with SPA.


EDIT: written last week while I was stying in Lloret de Mar, but for some weird reason the combo netbook/acer/linux+LJ+pictures doesn't work well.

Google girl

Nov. 1st, 2009 09:14 am
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I love Google, I love the way the look at the net, they non-stop creativity, they dynamic and practical applets that make me squee like a fangirl.
And of course I would love to work in a place like Google, seriously, have any of you seen the pictures of one of their offices in some random email that is running around the net? I think they were from the Ginevra's office. Awesome!

Anyway, a research group from the UB has developed this new applet from Google Earth images. You write a name a they send you the name composed by Google Earth's images

The result: (duare)

I know, I'm a sucker for that kind of silly stuff^^

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I'm what you could call a tea-girl. I love tea, black strong tea lightly flavoured. Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Ceilan, Darjeeling, English/Irish/Scottish breakfast...   No any of those flowered fruity infusions that some people call wrongly tea,  give me real true tea and I'm a happy girl.
No sugar, no milk, no honey and omg-how-could-you-do-that-to-any-good-tea no saccharine!! Sometimes, a bit of lemon is alright, specially after lunch, but just one slice please.
All that said, since I'd began working at 8 am I stated a new tradition: large hot mug of coffee with just one sugar, please.
I'm not a good coffee drinker, all my purism and traditionalism in tea is nonexistence in coffee. I prefer filtered coffee than espresso, the larger the better. I'm what here in Spain we call "americano"-coffe girl. And I'm grown quite used to drink  my daily mug of coffee (with just one sugar, please) every morning while I switch on the computer, check the email and have small chit chat with my coworkers... It's a really nice routine^^

So when you arrive one morning, being first one to arrive which means that  you make the coffee pot and there's no coffee at all, you really don't know if is better to start crying, kill someone or cut your wrist. Plus you need to answer to each and every one of your coworkers that "no, the pot is not ready because there's no coffee, because the last person doing the pot the day before forgot to tell about the no-coffee-problem" because they all look at you with murderous eyes and it's not your f*cking fault.

Coffee and work issues is really a whole world, sometime I'll write something about that, actually my mind is replaying that same situation on the CM world with the awesome CM characters and LOL, big LOL really^^

And that's been the random fact of the day, no coffee make my coworkers dull coworkers, but at least I had some good Twining's English Breakfast tea.
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I'm sick, it's pretty usual for me in this time of the year to get a cold or maybe a a flu, nothing new under the sun here.
But this year with this absurd fear for the influenza A my doctor made me an antibiotics prescription (which I don't understand why 'cos antibiotics don't kill virus and influenza is clearly a viral disease) and told me to "stay home for a few days". That was Monday, and I'm going today gain  because I'm feeling a bit better, and well enough to go to work. I never though I would say that but... I'm bored at home!!! And I think I can stay in front of the computer long enough to do my job (yesterday I couldn't, more than an hour and my head wanted to explode).
Oh! And the most hilarious thing was watching the doctor and her student  changing their  rubber gloves every time they touch me 8after and before they cleaned their hands with and alcoholic solution), and looking at me with that ridiculous mask that Japanese people wears all the time. I know they want to be as careful as possible and don't take any risk but came on! I don't even think I had the normal and old flu, really. I know myself and this was just a cold, and not even a strong one!
I hope they let me go tomorrow to work, it's sad I know, but one more day at home I'll start breaking stuff just to "do something".


May. 8th, 2009 12:13 am
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Oh dear, it's been a long time, isn't it? But that's not unusual on my love/hate relationship with LJ and all the stuff that I usually link in my mind with LJ.
Anyway, I suppose the main reason I've been out it's my lack of interest in the HP fandom lately (and when I say lately I mean that I haven't read a single HP fic in about 5 months, even more if you don't count the ones I had to check and edit for the Christmas exchange). I haven't just left, I've let my interest go to other fandoms and that has taken me to other kind of archives for a while.
But now I'm back to LJ, even if it's only as a reader at the moment because I'm absolutely in love with two fics that are updated first on LJ, and I hope to get more involved again in my oh-poor-forgotten-account (which is a paid account that I really don't use as much as I should for the 29$ a year that I spent on it) because if not, I don't I'll be able to restart the f*cking AI machine again, and that would be a pity.

All this said, a quick summary of my life this last months: my job bores me so much that I could kick my head just to kill the boredom (or bored-doom that is more like I feel), I've been in New York, I'm going to Japan next September, I need a change of airs and at the same time I want to remain like that forever.
And most important: the Barça is going to the Champions League final in Rome (GO BARÇA, GO!!) and  Lebrom James is the new MVP!!!!
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Ok, I'm writing (or at least I'm trying to write) a long post about the first week of February, in which I was in Reus and later in London,  and it was absolutely crazy, and chaotic and oh-so-much-fun.
But meanwhile I finish the bloody post, I just wanted to say "thanks a lot" to everybody that remembered that the past 28th of February was my birthday. So, thank you very much^^ And yes, I had a lot of fun, and laugh and I went out on Friday and Saturday on a classic  triple pack dinner-drinks-club... So you can imagine how I felt on Monday after two rounds of party and a family Sunday (with granpas, uncles, aunts, little cousins, parents and more cake)^^ I even caught a cold!
And as they say: "a picture is worth a  thousand of words"  So here come some pictures!!!

1) Chocolate fudge cake on Friday morning at the office. 2)Partying  with my job friends in La Salamandra 3) Mexican dinner on Saturday with the UAB friends.

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This next week is the first time I'm going to be on a job trip. They are sending me (and another of my coworkers) to Reus to spent the full week forming and teaching the people of the two Property Registry on our GIS programme, so they could update all their database in a GIS format (which let me tell you, is a big improvement because the Registries still works with the old paper books and maybe some Excels, that's all, really archaic indeed).
I'm a bit nervous... what if I don't teach them alright, what if they don't understand nothing or they just don't care about what I am explaining.
Aaaaarrrggg... But then, I breath, clam down and I realize that the Geobase programme is so basic and simple that's there's no way I can fuck out this, lol :)

Anyway, the good think is that we are going to spent the full week on a four star hotel called Quality Reus, and even if it's a bit far away from the Registry ( 20 minutes by bus), the rooms look  nice, with Tv, Internet connection, etc. And they pay us enough money everyday to have lunch and dinner and even save some part. So no complaints here!

The other crazy thing about this weeks is that once we finish our job on Friday's afternoon we are going to take a fly from Reus to London, where we will meet with the other six girls of my job. Yaaaaiiiii, London weekend with the girls from work. It's madness I know but we are going to have so much fun!! We are going to London, darlings!
It's been too long since I went to London last time, actually since I left a year and a half ago I haven't come back there, and I kind of miss it (a lot). So I am very excited, and happy, and nervous and a bit sad because I'm just going to stay for two days and I don't think it's enough time to meet with any of the wonderful and amazing people that I met over there.
Next time I suppose, next time I'll try to spent a few more days... Next time, who knows, next time I could stay for good.


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¿Por qué cuando posteo en texto rico, al poner nombres de ususarios o comunidades, al escribirlo yo se ve bien, pero al postearlo quedan en una línia abajo con un gran espacio de separación?

¿O es sólo en mi loco ordenador que esto se ve así? 

Y ya puestos a plantearme cosas que me dan rabia...

¿Por qué mi padre se tiene que poner a fumar puros en la habitacón del ordenador? Es más, ¿por qué narices tiene que fumar sobre el teclado, dejándolo siempre sucio de ceniza?

¿Y por qué la gente es inutil? En serio, ayer estube a punto de gruñirle a más de un usuario por teléfono. Por ejemplo:
me: dice que su segundo apellido es Dozó, ¿verdad? ¿Se escribe con D de dinamarca, O de oviedo, Z de zaragoza, y otra vez O de oviedo?
inutil person: Sí, "Dozó"

busco, busco, y nada. Pedimos la tarjeta sanitaria para comprobarlo con el codigo de identificación personal (CIP)

inutil person: ¿no le sirve el número de historia?
me: no, no nos sirve porque los historiales son internos de cada ambulatoria, puede que usted tenga el nº de historia 1324, pero en toda Catalunya seguro que hay muchas más personas que han sido clasificadas en sus ambulatorios con ese mismo número de historis. Por favor, facilitme su codigo de tarjeta sanitaria o su numero de dni o de afliación a la seguridad social (esto último no lo suelo decir porque la mayoría de la gente no sabe ni que es...)

Inutil person berrea sobre lo malo de este nuevo sistema, a pesar de estar aprovechándose de él llamando un domingo a las 19h cuando de funcionar las cosas como antes hasta el lunes a la mañana no la atenderían en el ambulatorio siendo las colas mucho  más largas puesto que como máximo solía haber dos operadores por ambulatorio que además también se encargaban de atender a la gente en el mismo mostrador.

Inutil person se va abuscar el jodido código de la tarjeta, lo encuentra, lo introduzco y ¡Oh sorpresa! Dozó en realidad se escribe D'Ossó. Estoy hasta los huevos de que la gente suponga que todo el mundo sabe como se escriben los nombre/apellidos de los demás. Yo al decir los míos simepre especifico. Martín, acabado con N (porque hay quien pone Martí si no me ha escuchado con atencicón) y TrIviño, con i, v y ñ. No cuesta tanto de verdad... 
Se lo comento a inutil persona y niega rotundamente (mintiendo como un bellaco) el haberme afirmado que se escribía con Z, cuando yo se lo había preguntado no una sino DOS veces.

De verdad, en este país sobra gente...


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Esto es el cuento de nunca acabar, me quedan aún tropecientas fotos por subir y apenas tengo tiempo. Ayer no hice nada pq me encontraba como el culo, no literalmente, eso fue la semana pasada. Ayer mjor sería deci que me encontraba como el esofago. Y es que no sé porque pero con el calor mi estómago está más sensible de lo normal y me da vomitera cada dos por tres ¡_¡ (pobreta de mi, snif snif...)

Pero en fin, que aprovecho que tengo ahora el estómago algo más calmado para iniciarnos en los senderos de la vida nocturna y de los modus vivendis de sus habitantes y fauna más usual.

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Bien, continuando con el post anterior ahora toca ver otros aspectos de este trabajo. La verdad es que no me apetece mucho, pero marchándome el domingo, pero en mi favor debo decir que vengo de pasar 8 putas horas en IW escuchando a toda catalunya hablar sobre sus exóticos viajes, ¿sabési qué? No se admitirán más preguntas sobre vacunas al extranjeros, morid todos de malaria o paludismo, y ¡NO! No ha que vacunarse de la gripe aviar pq no hay vacuna, y NO ES UNA ENFERMEDAD EXÖTICA!!!!

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Llevo meses diciéndolo, de hecho preacticamente desde las primeras fotos que hice que voy diciendo que las subiré a internet o bien que las enviaría por mail. Nada, palabras vacías que cayeron en el olvido, de mi olvido porque tengo una facilidad innata en pajarearme de las cosas, sobre todo cuando implican escargar fotos, subierlas, etc.
Pero como el volumen de fotos empieza a ser alarrmante pues he decidido que ya toca ir poniendo alguna por la red^^ Eso y que empeizo a temer por mi integridad física ante tanto "¿pero cuando vas a subir las fotos? "oye, ¿y las fotos que?, etc. ¬¬

Así pues...

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Ultimamente los domingos son una rallada en el curro. La gente no para de llamar para programar visitas y por más que uno les diga que NO hay NINGUNA hora libre antes del miercoles, nada la gente insisite e insiste como si nosotros llevaramos algun tipo de mercado negro de visitas al medico.
¿Estás segura que no hay nada libre antes? NO
¿Ni siquiera el lunes a primera hora? NO
¿Ni a última? NO
¿NO me puede hacer un hueco? NOOOOOOOOO Joder! Que no no! Que es una puta pantalla con unas horas prefijadas, como dicen por mi tierra "d'on no hi ha, no raja"

Pero este fin de semana hemos tenido un invitado especial, un fuerte aplauso señore y señoras paaaaraaa : ¡¡¡¡H5N1 !!!!

Read more... )
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Cada fin de semana igual, pasa algo gracisos y siempre digo "deberiamos apuntarnos las llamadas, podriamos hacer un libro hilarante", pero nunca lo hacemos. Hasta ahora. Nos es cuestión de poner aquí todo lo que nos pasa, pero si algunos momentos cumbres en la historia la insanidad, de esos que hacen fe de la frase "la realidad supera la ficción". Me he propuesto cada semana poner una muestra de insanidad de la población, y si por alguna casualidad una semana  en concreto no hay nada especialmente remarcable os aseuro que tengo en la guantera algunas formidables que han pasado en el último año.

Ahora sí, el insanity word de esta semana.

Me: Insanity words buenas tardes, le habla Duare. (decir con voz alegre y sonrisa de telefónica)

Usuario: Hola, verá... Es que tengo un problema algo peculiar y no sé si me podran ayudar.

M: Dígame, que veremos si le podemos facilitar algún tipo de ayuda o no.

U: Pues... Es que mire, estaba mi novia practicandome una felación (ojo! dicho textual con estas palabras) y bueno... Que como lleva una ortodóncia se le ha enganchado el frenillo, y... Bueno que no deja de sangrar y no sabemos que hacer

M: Pues un momento que... bla bla bla (con voz temblante tratando de no reírme)


Esto es un ejemplo de las cosas que me pasan los fines de semana en el curro. Como véis, nos mantenemos entretenidos^^

La semena que viene más.


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