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Hace unas semanas (mes y algo quizás) me crucé por casualidad con el maravilloso mundo del fandom futbolero. En inglés, en castellano, en catalán... ¡da igual! El hecho es que existe y había estado hasta ese momento totalmente desconocido por mi.
En ese momento escribí un post en plan "OMG! Fics de hottie playes!!! Squeeeee!!!", un post que nunca fue publicado por mi absoluta pereza y la muerte inesperada de Starsky The Second (mi difunto ordenador). Oh I still could have published that post, ahí está guardado en mi Gdocs pero una vez  pasa la novedad, ¿qué gracia tiene?
Y luego vino el Mundial de Fútbol, y el hecho de que odio publicar desde mi Snowy (mi mini Netbook) porque Quito (mi laptop) lleva en coma desde hace meses al negarme por el momento a pagarle la operación de cambio de hard-drive... Pero en fin.  Que ahora ya no viene al caso. Cuando practicamente me he leído en primera ronda todo fic de los ships que me han llamado la atención la emoción se desinfla...
Ahora escribo esto desde el recién nacido Starsky The Third, y estando a punto de iniciar mi segunda ronda de lectura fandomera, con La Roja en simifinales y el cabreo que llevo por todo el tema del Estatut y de la bipolaridad mental que sufrimos en Catalunya con algunos temas (futbol-política-nacionalismo) he decidido que sudo de ponerme al día de todos los post que me había dicho a mi mima que escribiría (uno por cada uno de los tres temas anteriormente citados). Más que nada porque me conozco, y aunque ya veo las cosas un poco más en frío, a vistas de la manifestación del Sábado (Som una Nació, nosaltres decidim)  prefiero no soltarme porque sinceramente, sólo sirve para cabrearme más.

Sooooo... PC nuevo, La Roja (sí, la selección española) se enfrenta mañana a Alemania en semifinales (miedo me da, por más que diga el pulpo Paul), el sábado a la mani (a la mierda mi finde playero de panching en Sitges pero el deber es el deber y si aprobé con mi voto ese Estatut tengo derecho a protestar por el recorte sufrido) y ya aguantaremos los chaparrones que vendrán (porque vendrán) a base de abstracción fanfiquera, total ahora sigo un fandom más así que algo habrá siempre para leer.

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It's maybe not a big accomplishment but today we have raced the Cursa del Corte Inglés here in Barcelona.
It might be 8 or 9 years since last time I run it, but eeei! Approximately we have done the same time, which means we have done exactly the same I did when I was younger, "we run, we walk, let' run again for a while, ok that's enough, a little bit more of running, etc" and go on with this run-walk dynamic.

Florecilla & me going professional ;p
Some more pics )
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I'm PROFICIENCY IN ENGLISH!!!!!! Maybe it's just with an average C but I don't f*cking care!!!!
Toma ya!!! Se acabó rallarse por tener un papelito que diga "see that girl? what it's written in her CV about her English level is absolutely true".

Jajajajajajaaaajjajajajaa, estoy de un hiper-feliz^^ que me salgo. Y ya me puedo dedicar a otras cosas, como el carné de conducir, o un cuarto idioma, quizás...
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I'ts raining, it has been raining all along the bloody day: a rainy shitty Monday !
With a oh-surprise-surprise Reading part of the Proficiency mock exams.
No, really, fraking Monday of doom!
I ache everywhere, especially on my back and shoulders (hell of a moving on), I'm tired and I've spent more than half of the day with my feet cold and humit.

So just to feel a bit better I've signed up to the John/Ronon (from StarGate Atlantis) thing-a-thon at [livejournal.com profile] satedan_grabass , a nice and entertaining way to improve my English writing skills ^^
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After an stressful day shopping at Ikea (because even if you already know what do you want you still have to do several cues and fight for space and fight for the clerk' s attention  and in the end you don't know if it should be better to kill yourself or kill everybody else), working on the flat and doing more shopping in Diagonal Mar, the best way to relax is just to sit down, have a drink and get  someone (in that case, my mother) to buy  you a pair of nice shoes. The accomplishment feeling is even greater if we are talking here about a pair of Clarks just for 19€ when the original price was 79€. I really love the opportunities Corte Inglés next to my parents house.
Exactly this model, but in a dark shade of grey. Beautiful and chip!

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Why are towels at hotels so small?
I mean, I'm not what you could say a big woman, some of my friends says I'm pocket-size, actually. And yes, I might be "vertically challenged" --because to say I'm short is not very polite, is t? LOL -- but I'm not that skinny, and if the towels on that hotel barely covered my ass how would it works for the "guiris" that usually spent the summer  in Lloret de Mar? I mean, Netherlander and German men are a lot bigger than I am.

That said, I'm usually not that enamoured of my job but it has its perks, sometimes^^ Like when they send me to an hotel with SPA.


EDIT: written last week while I was stying in Lloret de Mar, but for some weird reason the combo netbook/acer/linux+LJ+pictures doesn't work well.
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I've survived Christmas, I've survived the New Year's Eve party (four full days of drinking, eating, laughing and talking like mad men&women), I've survived the [livejournal.com profile] aisinfronteras  (only three more days!), I've survived the [livejournal.com profile] cm_exchange , I've survived the shopping hysteria,  I've survived my perpetual cold and the going back to work.
Not bad so far.
Still awaiting me the English Level Test so I can enroll myself in the British Council Course and the moving on.

And just for you, a pictorial collage^^ Pics from [livejournal.com profile] aviss  camera


Dec. 29th, 2009 12:58 am
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Oh my God!!! I'm just a little bit tipsy. Yeah, tipsy, not drunk, not at all, you can't get drunk with just two beers, even with a light stomach like mine and even if I haven't eaten enough food. But I'm tipsy enough to be writing this, so figures...
And I'm trying to write (not this, this I'm actually doing it...)  but I've just discovered that the first part of my favourite Twilight fic so far (Jakeward of course!) has finished. Basic Imprinting (by [livejournal.com profile] starrycreations )is one of the fics that made me stay in the Twilight fandom, and I'm oh-so-happy with a goofy and sappy smile plastered in my face... There's no way I'm going to be able to finish "that damn scene tonight". No way at all, trust me, I know my limits.
And that means ladies and gentlemen that tomorrow is going to be a hell of a day: waking up at seven to go to work; spending 6 hours at the office; writing as if my life depended on it and packing all my stuff and clothes for the New Year Eve Staying-All-Together trip.

Kill me now, please!

PD: This afternoon I met [livejournal.com profile] sra_danvers  to have lunch, we had a great time and we are going to repeat it, after all I owe her a lunch
PD2: yeah... killer beers with [livejournal.com profile] saito_20  and [livejournal.com profile] barda_morgana  at Chistu (aka the nameless bar in Tallers Street)

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The writing process is going a bit more slowly than I though, which means I'm going to need to hurry up in the end (like always, I don't even know why this surprise me anymore). But, it's just that there's so much to do...
I've already sent my Christmas as I promised --this morning actually--, a whole pack of 21 postcards... My hand was sore... especially after I decided to use my sealing wax.
I've backed 64 little cheese pastries (I'll post some pictures after all the family gatherings where there would be a lot more plates to take pictures of).
And I'm still trying to write.
I've also done my schedules posts in [livejournal.com profile] aisinfronteras .
I need to write but I prefer to wait for some update. I need a nice update of one of the many WIP I'm reading!!! Come on!

Oh! And my gift in [livejournal.com profile] cm_exchange  has already been posted, it's the sweetest thing^^ You can read it here (a Hotch/Reid all for myself! I am oh so happy!!!)

And I'm still trying to write... The bad thing about knowing what you are going to write is that you don't feel the rush to do it because, hei! You already know what is going to happen, so why bother? Grrr... Stupid lazy muse...
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Two chickens + me = Full kitchen experience )
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I'm moving on with a friend next year (next moth, actually^^), if I don't go nuts before the time arrives. One could think my parents are the ones moving with all the papers, catalogues and stuff the are making me look at...
My mother is stressing me over mattresses. Mattresses!! WTF!? I just want one to sleep on it, I don't care about material or anything else, except the price of course! What the hell people!? I'm no going to pay more that 150€ for a fraking mattress! My father pursuing me around home talking about the obviously mandatory visit to Ikea and now about computers too.

To plan a moving on this time of the year is an absolutely hell... Every single shop is full of people, there's no time to make arrangements with all the meetings and family lunches/dinners, etc
I've decided to no stress myself about this. Yes, I'll start paying in January, but hei! It's not a problem if I don't move on until the end of the month... There's no way I can live in my room that right now is painted in the most horrendous orange tone ever. It's bright orange. It's a nightmare. It's hell on earth.

But all in all, I'm thrilled about the moving^^ The flat is comfortable and quite spacious, I have the bigger room, and my flatmates are really nice  (one of them is a friend of mine from the University, and the other is a nice girl from New Castles teaching English here in Barcelona).

Why the rambling then? Because I'm trying to write but my father is talking to me about computers screen, and my mother has given me the new Ikea catalogue before going out. And here I am, with my pinch-hitter still half done and all the catalogues around me.
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I love to be able to write in my netbook, siting comfortable in a nice cafe meanwhile it's oh-so-cold outside.
Right now I'm at the Fnac's Farggi, writing and checking my email --yeah, there's a free wifi,-- with a Moka and a sandwich, mmmm...
Sometimes the more simple and casual things make me incredible happy.
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I've got some holidays days that I haven't spent yet, and as my boss said "better to spend them all now than just half of them in December". So here we go, holidays again. Problem is I can't conceive holidays at home, I need to go somewhere, so I checked flight prices and after several options and a lot of thought I decided to have a go to Morocco. Just Casablanca and Marrakesh, I might be a bit brave about travelling alone but I'm not so irresponsible to go through some forgotten part of the desert on my own.

I'm quite happy^^ I had a great weekend in Valencia with [livejournal.com profile] aviss , [profile] gaia_naturae , [profile] pak_el , some other friends without an LJ account and [livejournal.com profile] darkmoona (the birthday girl of the weekend) and now I'm leaving in 20 minutes to the airport. It's going to be a relaxing holiday, lot of sleep, lots of relaxing time, and some writing to do. Let's see if I like it there as much as I think I will
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Se lo vi posteado a [livejournal.com profile] eratoirae y no me he podido resistir. Aunque a mi no me suena muy acertado que digamos, yo sigo creyendo que en una vida interior fui un sherpa que trabajaba como porteador en las expediciones de los exploradores occidentales. Cualquiera que  me conozca y vea lo sumamente cargada que voy a todas partes entenderá el porqué de dicha afirmación. Si no llevo lo mínimo un par de kilos en el bolso no me siento completa, es como si me faltara algo, como si fuera desnuda. Así que no acabo de tener claro lo de la cocinera rusa, qué queréis que os diga, no me siento afín. A lo de cocinera al menos. Mujer rusa, sí. Acuario, me da bastante igual. Creativa y con afición a hurgar en libros: oh hell yeah!
Pues eso, ahí queda.

Nacimiento: España, Lunes, 28 de Febrero de 1983, 14:30
Has vivido 1392 semanas, 3 días, 24 horas y 28 minutos en esta vida.

Sobre tu vida anterior

No sé cómo te sientas al respecto Reich (aka [livejournal.com profile] duare ), pero parece que tú fuiste mujer en tu última encarnación.
Tu signo zodiacal en esa vida era Acuario.
Muy probablemente pasaste los últimos momentos de tu vida en algún lugar cerca de la actual Rusia, aproximadamente en el año 1771.
El nombre por el que se te conoció en esa vida pudo haber sido algo como Varya o Vasilissa.
Es posible que tu ocupación en esa vida fuera algo relacionado con cocinero, hostelero.
Curioso, creativo, te gustaba llegar al fondo de las cosas y hurgar en libros. Talentoso para el drama, actor natural.
Tu lección — desarrollo y expansión de tu conciencia mental. Encuentra un buen maestro, gasta una parte de tu tiempo y energía en su sabiduría.

Wanna try?

PD: en mi vida siguiente me pido gata doméstica. Todo el día a la bartola, del sofá al cojín, persiguiendo sun patches por el suelo para tumbarme a regocijarme en mi felicidad gatuna, aaahhhh... la buena vida^^

EDIT: me aburro, así que he probado con nombre Duare Palas, y sigue sin salirme sherpa pero se acerca muuuucho más a la realidad creo yo.

No sé cómo te sientas al respecto Duare, pero parece que tú fuiste hombre en tu última encarnación. Tu signo zodiacal en esa vida era Acuario.
Muy probablemente pasaste los últimos momentos de tu vida en algún lugar cerca de los Países Bajos, aproximadamente en el año 1874. El nombre por el que se te conoció en esa vida pudo haber sido algo como Verbnigge o Vogel.
Es posible que tu ocupación en esa vida fuera algo relacionado con soldado, mercenario. Siempre te gustó viajar, investigar, pudiste haber sido un detective o un espía.
Estás destinado a resolver problemas de contaminación y medio ambiente, reciclaje, mal uso de recursos, eliminación de radioactividad por todos los medios incluyendo los psicológicos

Google girl

Nov. 1st, 2009 09:14 am
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I love Google, I love the way the look at the net, they non-stop creativity, they dynamic and practical applets that make me squee like a fangirl.
And of course I would love to work in a place like Google, seriously, have any of you seen the pictures of one of their offices in some random email that is running around the net? I think they were from the Ginevra's office. Awesome!

Anyway, a research group from the UB has developed this new applet from Google Earth images. You write a name a they send you the name composed by Google Earth's images

The result: (duare)

I know, I'm a sucker for that kind of silly stuff^^

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I'm what you could call a tea-girl. I love tea, black strong tea lightly flavoured. Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Ceilan, Darjeeling, English/Irish/Scottish breakfast...   No any of those flowered fruity infusions that some people call wrongly tea,  give me real true tea and I'm a happy girl.
No sugar, no milk, no honey and omg-how-could-you-do-that-to-any-good-tea no saccharine!! Sometimes, a bit of lemon is alright, specially after lunch, but just one slice please.
All that said, since I'd began working at 8 am I stated a new tradition: large hot mug of coffee with just one sugar, please.
I'm not a good coffee drinker, all my purism and traditionalism in tea is nonexistence in coffee. I prefer filtered coffee than espresso, the larger the better. I'm what here in Spain we call "americano"-coffe girl. And I'm grown quite used to drink  my daily mug of coffee (with just one sugar, please) every morning while I switch on the computer, check the email and have small chit chat with my coworkers... It's a really nice routine^^

So when you arrive one morning, being first one to arrive which means that  you make the coffee pot and there's no coffee at all, you really don't know if is better to start crying, kill someone or cut your wrist. Plus you need to answer to each and every one of your coworkers that "no, the pot is not ready because there's no coffee, because the last person doing the pot the day before forgot to tell about the no-coffee-problem" because they all look at you with murderous eyes and it's not your f*cking fault.

Coffee and work issues is really a whole world, sometime I'll write something about that, actually my mind is replaying that same situation on the CM world with the awesome CM characters and LOL, big LOL really^^

And that's been the random fact of the day, no coffee make my coworkers dull coworkers, but at least I had some good Twining's English Breakfast tea.
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No boss at work and no weird coworker in the next table, so free day doing my job while checking the email and reading the random fic I decided to copy on a text file the night before.
For some unknown reason the title "To kill a mockingbird" has been in my mind all the bloody day, wondering about the plot which I couldn't remember (not that I'd read the book but I'm sure I've watched the movie) and debating and arguing with myself (my two other self actually^^: me and myself) if mocking bird is called "ruiseñor" in Spanish or not (the other option was "colibrí" but I don't remember any movies titled "Matar a un colibrí"). Both questions could have been solved with some easy google but sometimes I'm that stubborn, so all day with that stuff on my mind.
Thankfully, my mom remembered the plot movie, and I've checked imdb, so now I know the plot (even if I really don't remember it) and I've confirmed that  mockingbird and ruiseñor are both names of the same specie Mimus polyglottos a very enlightening name about some very particular characteristics of tht bird.

Por otro lado esta tarde he tenido el gusto de tomar un café (com eufemismo de "quedemos y vayamos a tomar algo, lo que sea realmente da igual, es una excusa simplemente") con [livejournal.com profile] sirem que está en Barcelona de visita, y con [livejournal.com profile] ladyvoldie and [livejournal.com profile] luciferssin . Aunque antes he de decir para mi propia satisfacción que he estado unos 40-50 minutos escribiendo hasta que fuera la hora a la que habíamos quedado, woohoooo!!! (quizás porque no tenía ninguna red wifi disponible? Maight be that...). Me lo he pasado francamente bien, nos hemos reído y como siempre que conozco a alguien del fandom sin una previa larga y extensa relación vía email/msn me he sorprendido de lo fácil que es hablar y pasar un buen rato con gente a quienes casi no conoces de nada. Es maravilloso ver como el "Dios las cría y ellas se juntan" se aplica tan pero que tan bien a todo el mundo que hasta el momento he tenido el placer de cruzar mi camino.
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Twice a year an incommensurable fear overwhelm me, both times mark a very particular event: seasonal clothes relocation.
Pack and put away winter or summer clothes till next year and get out the contrary seasonal clothes from the boxes I packed them the previous year, so I can keep them in the wardrobe.
An absolute nightmare.
Oh the horror, oh the fear!! The doom of my days!
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¿Puede dejar de llover ya en Barcelona pretty please? Estoy segura de que la inmensa cantidad de agua que ha ido cayendo a lo largo de todo el día habría sido mucho más apreciada en otro lugar.
Soooo, no more cats and dogs or any other pets falling from the sky please (insert puppy eyes Ç_Ç )


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