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Smallville 9th Season is being awesome so far. Maybe because this time yes, they have done it right, light SPOILER, spanish post & green leather jacket of love )
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After an stressful day shopping at Ikea (because even if you already know what do you want you still have to do several cues and fight for space and fight for the clerk' s attention  and in the end you don't know if it should be better to kill yourself or kill everybody else), working on the flat and doing more shopping in Diagonal Mar, the best way to relax is just to sit down, have a drink and get  someone (in that case, my mother) to buy  you a pair of nice shoes. The accomplishment feeling is even greater if we are talking here about a pair of Clarks just for 19€ when the original price was 79€. I really love the opportunities Corte Inglés next to my parents house.
Exactly this model, but in a dark shade of grey. Beautiful and chip!

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Last year I wrote a post about my oh-not-so-problem with shoes (the problem being that I have lots of them and I'm always thinking about buying new ones) with some pictures so you really could understand me.
And this has come up because deleting some pictures from my SD-card I've just found some random pictures I took at the beginning of the summer when I was changing winter clothes for summer clothes at my wardrobe. And tachaaan!!! Here we are again!!!

fotos de los trapitos )
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You know you have a problem when...


 or even more, when ...

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Maybe some of you didn't know I'm coming back to Barcelona. The reason, a part that I miss my city and family, is that I'm going to start a master about Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems. It's at the same university I did my degree, I have some friends working there, and I love the place. So many good memories, indeed.

But the very good new is that they have granted me a scholarship to work at one of the departments!!! I'm so happy!!! It's going to be so good, because it's exactly what I was looking for. That way I'll be working 4 hours every morning (Monday to Friday), have a break and then go to my classes. It's perfect^^ And I'm going to get paid^^
Oh yes! They pay me,  I get experience about this ind of work and leave me with the weekends off.


Cheer to me^^

Tomorrow I'm so going to buy me something sexy and beautiful for Saturday night^^ and a new piercing ( because I've lost the one I had meanwhile I was on the bath ;_;)
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Gothic, cybers and stupid bulgarians flatmates... The story of a memorable night.

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I'm looking at gothic clothes in ebay. I know I shouldn't do it, but it's all [personal profile] aviss fault (and you know it is), really! I've never  do it before, but since I'm living in London that it's now an usual thing.

Anyway, I'm looking for some pretty corsets, not that I plan to buy one, nooooo way^^ But they are so beautiful... But there's a big misunderstanding about the sizes, really.
I've just checked one corset size 14, measurements: bust 34", waist 30". WHAAAAAT!!!??? That's not a 14!! Really, I have very similars measurements and I have a 10-12 size in shirts, t-shirts, etc.
And the same about skirts, I know my skirt/trousers size here is 10-12 too, I usually prefer the 12 because I'm more comfortable, but just today I've bought a black trousers from Evans in Liverpool Street Market, size 10 and I fit in them. But in accordance of this skirts' measurements, I have a 14-16, because my hips are 41,5" .

Really, I'm absolutely sure that there's some kind of complot/conspiracy/thing to confound me about the cloth sizes in this country.
Sooooo, please can anybody explain it to me? Or maybe it's just normal. I thought that this fucking problem about different sizes was just one more shit about Spain. But noooo... It's seems that here in UK thins are just the same.
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Today I had morning shift, 7 to 12... I'm so sleepy. I think it's some kind of revenge for leaving the company, put the most strange hours to the traitorous girl. Anyway, after finishing work I was supposed to meet with Rut to have lunch together, but she absolutely forgot about it. So it was 12:10, I had finished to work and nothing to do^^

And then I had a great idea (or that's what I though...) As I'm going to start my new job next Monday, and I need to wear dark trousers/skirt, and I just have one pair of black trousers, why not go to Primark and just have a look?
That was the idea... But Primark is so cheap, and even thought that the clothes there are no that nice, you alway can find some useful piece, like some basic trousers, t-shirts, skirts, underwear, etc
So obviously I went just to have a look and I left with an enormous bag. Really, it's impossible to go there and not buy nothing at all. Well maybe when the shop is full of people, one is so stressed that the idea of spent more time there just on the different queues  is not really appalling.

The point is that i left the shop with a pair of black trousers ( 5£) , a pack of 5 mini briefs -black knickers- (2£), a pair of shoes (3£) and a new big bag (4£). Total: 14£ Not bad, but fortunately I don't go to Primark every day, or every week... I couldn't afford it^^

Shops like that should be banned, they are a very strong temptation... Like Sainsbury, whenever I go just to buy some milk/salas/bread/whatever, I left with two bags full of goodies.


Jun. 3rd, 2007 09:31 pm
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I was absolutely sure about what dress wear as Rowena Ravenclaw. Maybe some of you haven't seen it before, but that was (and it's indeed) my first choice:

But looking around in By the Sword, I've just found this other one. That maybe is not so beautiful, but is blue, it seem alright for that time, and the most important thing: it's cheaper^^

The first one it's 169$, about 85 pound, and the new one it's 70$ plus the chemis that it's 30$, so in total it's 100$, so it's only around 50 pounds.
And I don't know what to do, because I like both of them, but obviously I just can buy one.
SOooo, my dear friend^^ what do you think?
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Shit! I want this dress, is fucking beautiful!!!

You can see more about it here. But it's so expensive... The current bid on e-bay is 600$...
But then, I really don't need it, even thought I will be gorgeous wearing that dress (what!? I have to tell me nice things to myself now that I dont have my mum around^^).
What I really DO need is this one:

It's cheaper, only 169$, and if I do the change to pounds it's about 120... I just need to save some money and then I'll be the perfect Rowena Ravenclaw once I'll have done some modifications (like "tunear" a car^^ lol XDDD). Anyway, I have time enough till July to buy it.


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